Yearly Yogdan Membership Joining

Yearly Yogdan Membership Form (Joining Fee Rs.-2000/- only) DOWNLOAD

Head Office under Directly joining Yogdan Member , Then issue the welfare fund in your own bank account as per the under AICPS rule, approval Yogdan Member after you joining. If you are making new joining majority Head Office Committee under you are working  and publicity then allow  welfare fund.
If you are required welfare fund for poor victims. Then send the (Request by mail yes I want welfare fund for social work) Head Office after receiving your request mail then issue the welfare fund under aicps rules. Then you send your bank account number. Then you are joining new Yogdan Membership all over India.
If your accepted under rules & regulation and more information through Head Office contact number:-9814081141, 9803032666, 0172 5080067. Contact Timing:-10 AM to 5 PM.

After Your Joining I-Card issue ………………. Yogdan Membership. Then see you  photo ALL YOGDAN MEMBERS I-CARD HOLDER then you apply welfare fund if you are committee  joining members under head office working more joining own majority, then allow welfare fund for poor victims, you Click your Photo  see your I-Card Number, then send mail head office after receiving your mail then approve welfare fund your own bank account by cheque.

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