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1. Introduction:

The role of Police has been that of enforcement of law and restoration of order after some problem in the Indian Society since time immoral. Especially during the British Raj, in its later part was to suppress anti- establishment activities of the public which we now call as our struggle for freedom. The fruits of which were reaped in 1947. May be at that time the role of police became that of saving the government from the public-which unfortunately continues even now in some cases. Thus for this reason the image of police as peoples’ friend in other countries does not seem to be perceived by the public of India at large. Instead a common man is scared of the police as he thinks that any “Encounter” with them could be “Fake” and should be avoided as far as possible.

Over the years with the advancement of technology and opening of society the role of police today assumes gigantic dimensions in the new areas. The role of Police has to be now that of a friend philosopher and guide of the Public (People) rather than that of “Lathiwala” In my view the role of police how has changed from a enforcer to that of manager of law and order with emphasis on being user friendly.


Through some efforts have been made by some states and UT’s  in this area, by and large the Indian public considers police as an institution which is not its friend but is always in a mood to extract money or create more problems/harassment than would be without it. Most cases are tried to be settled outside the police stations by themselves and police intervention is restored to at the last when all other means to solve the problem fail due to following reasons.

2.1 Fear of harassment of self and family:

People fear that once they go to police them along with their family members will have to face further trouble due to harassment which they do not like.

2.2 Delay due to Social, Political, Financial Pressures:

Today Police has lost of pressures from politicians, and other influential persons of society due to vested interests and some others try to purchase policemen with money.

2.3 Stigma attached to relations with police:

Generally it is not considered auspicious to have friendship with police in Indian society. People want to avoid it as far as possible.

2.4 Solution of one problem bring other problems:

Usually it is considered to have a compromise after the problem because the solution by police leads to other problems at later stage.

2.5 Tendency of police to keep/ project low crime rate:

Evan if someone approaches police they persuade him to solve the problem outside the police station so that they can claim to have control over the area/ situation and feel that they have less problems.


Now it is needless to mention that a large wide gap exists between the public and police in our country even after 50 years of independence. On one hand the public expects police to be their savoir from all problems and on the other the police want to help solve people’s problems yea directionless in many areas. Both expect help and assistance from each other but what is required and how to do so still remain a big question mark to be answered. Some of the gaps in the perceptions of both public and police are.

3.1 People still feel that friendship and enmity with police should be avoided as for as possible.

3.2 People feel that it is not their duty to solve their own problem.

3.3 The police considers everybody is criminal minded.

3.4 The police are not able to win trust of the public at all levels.


As it is happening for every field and organisations to become” Customer Friendly” in the era of ISO-9000 to have the best of quality. The Indian Police has to tighten its belt and become “People Friendly” for the benefit of people as well as their own. The future demands close cooperation’s of public and police. The Following suggestions are made to cement the existing gap.

4.1 The police should involve public in all areas of management of problems of the society.

4.2 Coordination committees are formed at all levels with representation from all section of society.

4.3 Function is organised for the awareness of rights and duties of both police and public.

4.4 Contact programmes be organised by the police to educate, train and make people responsible of their role in the changing times

4.5 The trust building exercises are carried out continuously and continually.

4.6 Research and development (R & D) and feedback are carried out for continuous improvement.


There is no escape for both people and public except effective and meaningful partnership.


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