Utilities of the identity card

Utilities of the identity card

1. The All India Crime Prevention Society Chandigarh issues Identity-Card to its members as a identification all over india & abroad under the seal/Hologram/ signature of National Governor & Chief Executive Board of Governors.

2. I-Card is recognition of a member of All India Crime Prevention Society.

3. The I-Card holder has been authorized by the AICPS to bring the crime and any criminal to the notice of Police, administration and to give the report in the Head Office regarding active activity done own his part.

4. I-card holder can raise an alarm upon the atrocity against the woman and weaker section of the society and can ask to the police personal to interfering the matter.

5. To watch the poverty and illiteracy among the poors who are under poverty line and to suggest the District Committee Office, Area Committee Office, Branch Office, Life Members and yogdan Members I-Card holder who is running for the betterment of the life and to uplift to the poor people.

6. To keep a contact with the administration and the police so that the i-card holder could help to rectify the crime in the society.

7. The I-card holder should produce his identification card to the respective authority as a member of the AICPS if any exigency arises anywhere in India & Abroad. The i-card holder can submit his suggestion to the any department or institution run under the government for the better Administration.

8. The I-Card can be utilized in the police department for want of justice to the needy poor people with the help of this I-Card the respective authority can be suggested also to remove the terror of police already spreaded in the mind of public.

9. The I-Card proves to the holder of this card a respective person and regard able in every sphere because the character of the Card holder has already verified properly through the investigation agency.

10. In case any misbehave or disregard with the i-card holder, he should report to the member of AICPS.

11. The Head office is fully responsible for the integrity of every member who is I-Card holder and he will be provided protection in any part of India & Abroad.

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