Public – Police Relationship

One of AICPS prime motive is to develop healthy public police relations all over India. As in India there has always been a gap between people and police relationship. People in India are not that much aware about there rights and what kind of helps the can avail from police department, hence in many cases it has been seen that the proper channel of investigation into vital matters was lacking only because people don’t have that much trust on police administration. But now with passing time and modernization of India people are getting aware of there rights and other services. That’s especially seen in Indian metros where there has been lot of improvements in police practices and there work scenario has also improved. Now most of police departments have gone online with changing technology trends.

We always make it a point in all our meets in India which is attended by hundreds of our members and other guests to understand there fundamental rights and also as of now there has been new amendments in right to information act, so anyone can get information related to any matter pertaining to administrative departments related to that persons activities. it is to be noticed that in normal situations people don’t report a crime to police due to the fear of being harassed later on by police and court proceedings related to that case. So it is our responsibility as a social service organization to let people know how they can proceed with taking the crime case to police and what suitable actions can be taken in this matter. Especially women in our society are more often seen not reporting crime to police and it is only because they don’t know the rules and solutions. We also arrange road shows to spread awareness relating to public police relation.

We also have the support of government of India and various other social development organization who coordinate with us to make India crime free and make society more secure and health.


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