Marriages of Poor Girls

AICPS also helps commence the marriage ceremonies of poor and orphaned girls around India. As in present India there are many families of girls who are unable to sustain themselves and don’t have any source of income enough to marry their girls in future. So we on our part help these types of families with some funds so that they can commence their Childs marriage. We also arrange community marriages in some parts of India where we arrange for mass marriage of man poor families.

AICPS always helps young couple’s marry in unique style of marriage without much expense. The mass wedding ceremony will stand out for its simplicity and lack of expense which is a big issue for poor families all over India. The bride’s parents who are mostly poor will not pay any dowry to the boy’s family. There will be no exchange of money or expensive gifts. Worried by soaring marriage costs, the girl child is still unwanted by some parents who opt for illegal prenatal sex-determination tests just to abort the female foetus which is so common in India. Lot of people still consider girl child as some kind of obligation and always prefer boys. AICPS wants people to get educated and understand that there is no difference between a girl or boy as such, provided proper education and other facilities girls have been seen much more excelling and shining like a star and also help their families stand financially later in life. And we also have been getting a very positive response from all our district offices in regard to girl child education and marriage related matters in poor families around India.
Mass marriage is an excellent concept that will help avoid excess expenditure. And we think and believe it would immensely please all sections of society if all people who can’t afford expensive marriages try to adopt this practice. We on our part also collect funds from different projects and events in order to help these poor families get some financial relief so that they can marry their daughters. As the responsible citizens of this country it’s our responsibility to help fellow people with their day to day problems. We also do counseling of such families who are in need of help and expert advice related to their family problems.


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