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Police – independent unit in the State administration – introduced by the British – 1861 – Police Act – need for a common pattern of police organisation and properly trained and disciplined body of men exclusively devoted to the prevention and detection of crime – police system on a provisional basis – Inspector General as the head of the provincial police administration – provinces – divided into districts – Superintendents of Police – heads of the police administration under the control of Magistrates.
Police Administration General Administration and police administration co-exist in parallel. An evidence of the existence of structured police system is available in ancient Mauryas empire from Brahmin pandit (scholar) Kautilya’s historical edition Arthosastro. But since then no such change occurred in the structure of police system worth mentioning. In 12th Century, when there was the rule of Muslim Sultanate in Bangladesh, also in the subcontinent, a slight change in police system was noticed. But it was the Mughal reign when the police system expanded and activated in a large new phase. Though in Mughal reign there was no professional police force in resemblance to British rule, an orderly police administration was present to maintain law and order throughout the country. From the British rule a real and total administrative outline of police system started to build up. Earlier, ie in Mughal Rule, the criminal system was very expensive and not suitable for colonial control. A revolutionary plan in that testing period of police administration was ‘the Police Reform of 1782’. Sepoy Mutiny of 1857 was a demonstration of the fact that police system was ineffective and useless and police administration was reformed in 1861 based on the Police Report of 1860.
The main objective of the reform was to establish a uniform and effective police administration in the whole country. Soon after Irish Constable System of police administration was introduced in some provinces of India including Bengal. The police force was orderly arranged under local government as one battalion and police administration extended to all districts. A noticeable event of that time was the creation of the position of Inspector General of Police as the main officer to supervise the police activities of a province. At the district level, police administration was directed by police super under supervision of ‘Inspector General of Police’. The first Inspector General of Police of British-India was Lt. Colonel Bush of British Army. In 1947, after partition of the country DIG of Dhaka range Sir Norton Jones carried out the job of IG of East Pakistan and first ever Bengali IG was Mr. Zakir Hossain. At present, the British Irish Constable System of police administration is in practice in the subcontinent including Bangladesh.

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