MessageA.S.MatharuSh. Avtar Singh Matharoo

National President & Chief

Executive Board of Governor

All India Crime Prevention Society is in Existence for fifty years now. It goes without saying that this society is necessary to fill the wide gap between the law and order enforcing agency and the public at large. Crime Prevention is much more important that crime detection. Police which is the prime organ of the state for maintenance of peace and security is at present is at hardly able to devote to crime detection and punishment of the criminals. Evan here the performance is for form satisfaction. More often than not investigation is padded, partial and slipshod. Society strives to impress upon the police authorities to tamper the investigation with alacrity, impartiality, promptness and above all dispassionately. Delay breeds corruption and give birth to all sorts of temptations, Allurements extortions and miscarriage of investigation. Wealthy and influential criminals pay their way through and hijack the whole process to meet their nefarious designs. Society has the role to stop this unsavoury derailment of the law and order maintenances. In Place or orderly procedures rules and regulation are bet, twisted and subverted with the result the poor, the needy and the complaining victims is left high and dry. Law and order, thus is reduced to protecting the menied and hardened criminals, and also the political oppressors who use it as an arm to further their vested. Instead of being an impartial agency meant to curb criminals, it becomes a handy tool the protect the criminal. Common man thus fears to approach this agency. Gap thus widens and anarchic overtones the already vitiated atmosphere.All India Crime Prevention Society strives to regiment public gaze into this state of affairs, focus its cards to organise public opinion and arrange a dialogue to reduce this gap. Mohalla meeting, ward meeting and District Level conference are designed to uproot the state of despondency that prevails. There is no dearth of upright cops and super cops, who are honest devote and efficient. Efforts the society is meant to be directed toward such cops who in their zeal and zest would lend a willing hand to apply correctives at various levels. We should not forget that our main trust will be to de-link the law enforcement agency from political interference and nexus between criminals and prosecutors. So much for the roll of the society in this field.Major roll of the crime prevention society lies in educating society against the birth of criminals. Small times crimes are preventable through public vigil and local timely action. Preventive measures have to be taken by the grass root workers of the society. Thus the roll of our branch managers is very-very important. Massage of sanity and pace in the Mohallas in is their primary concern. Street Corner Meetings, identification of trouble spots and prompt attention to the complaints of their local People will go a long way towards of crime. In a war personal attention of grass root card holder is the king-pin of our whole effort. Police come in only when such efforts prove to be ineffective. Self glass service is the motto of our branch manager who contributes more towards prevention of crime than the state power.Branch President has to cater to the followings requirements of the common citizen in his area.

  • To prevent crime against society.
  • To get speedier action.
  • To resolve dispute or to help in resolving disputes relating to property.
  • To prevent crime against women.
  • To resolve or get resolved disputes relating to matrimony.
  • To expose delays and corruption in the various arms of the Government.
  • To help NRIS especially in the field of property, education, matters relating to courts and litigation, render legal help and protection.
  • To delusion work between the victimized citizen and the authorities to install security in the minds of the citizen.
  • To hold meetings of the mohalla, ward, village for any other local group to provide regimentation of the public opinion.
  • To organize marches, Demonstrations and Dharnas to focus the attention of the masses and the authorities on burning problems of the society.
  • To arrange seminars and give away awards to outstanding workers who do outstanding acts of public help.
  • To arrange protection to the aged and retired person.
  • To help poor citizen to securing justice.
  • To aids in firm and suffering citizen in getting their problems solved in relation to legal matters in courts.
  • To arrange resources for meeting the expenses incurred in connection on with the affairs of the society.
  • To increase and expand the public network to cover all the citizen.

At the National level a high powered Board of Governor overseas the efficient functioning of the mohalla /ward level set up, District Managers and state executives, periodic meetings are arranged and policy is framed at this level. Any way every problem is shorted out in good time to facilitate the smooth functioning of the network of branch managers, District Managers and state level executives.Identity cards are issue at the national level on demand from the Branch Manager. Liaison is created with the state level police department to the utilize the service of the network of the society and periodical meeting are held with the authorities at the top level achieve this goal. The society has made in road into the minds of the authorities and the common man by its selfless services. Let us make society crime free.

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