Rules And Regulations

for District /Area /Senior Citizen Committee All Over India

The following Rules & Regulations shall be considered for the proper running of the Approved District/Area/Senior Citizen Committee. These are as decided by the Governing Body of Head Office AICPS,Chandigarh.

1. If the Committee submits all the reports in time and as prescribed by the Head Office Chandigarh from time to time then the Head Office shall renew the I-Cards of all the 9 members of the Committee for another one year free of cost.

2. If the Committee fails to carry out the Aims & Objectives and the time to
time requests made by the Head Office AICPS Chandigarh, then the Head Office can dissolve the Committee without assigning any reason.

3. In Relation to above the Head Office has the full Authority to Appoint a New Committee at that Location.

4. No individual shall be recognized as a local member in the area where a
Committee does not exist, He/She can only be attached to AICPS Chandigarh as a
life time member though later this person can form a District Committee of his
own in that particular area.

5. The Head Office shall Open a Bank Account for every Committee in a Local Bank
in their vicinity.

6. After Approval of district committee 1st condition is to open a bank account with in 15 days. The Yogdan marinating fund (I.D. Card) will be sent back to you when you have an active bank account in P.N.B. in your district. If your bank account is not active your Yogdan fund will be utilize by head office to all over India in various charitable purpose. The date when you open your bank accou8nt send your bank number, checkbook number, bank area address to head office. After that date head office will transfer the new Yogdan maintaining fund in your account and you can withdraw the amount and can utilize it for charitable purpose.

7. The Authorized person shall deposit the “Yogdan Charges” of the new Local
Members in this Committee account. These “Yogdan Charges” shall not be accepted in any other form by the Committee Treasurer.

8. All the “Yogdan Donation” to the Committee shall also be deposited in this
account by cheques only.

9. The funds required for the various activities of the Committee shall be
withdrawn from this Account

10. The total transactions of this Account are subject to an Audit to be conducted by the Committee by an Authorized CA and a copy of Audit Report signed by the CA need to be submitted to AICPS, Head Office,Chandigarh Yearly

11. All the I-Cards of the Yogdan Members All Over India under Committee shall be Issued by the Head Office, AICPS, Chandigarh corresponding to the Entries in the request mail by any member of the governing body of the Committee. The Bank Receipt of every person applying to be a Yogdan Member need to be attached with this mail.

12. Accidental Insurance of Rs.1, 00,000 (One Lakh) shall be provided to every Yogdan Member, the premium shall be paid by their District/Area Committee All over India. Head office after approval board of governing body decided with insurance company covering. Then district committee authorized to issue the form head office. From that date after approval.  The company will give us more benefit that will authorized for insurance. this is under prosodies

13. A letter of The Approved Committee shall be sent to the Local Police & District Administration of the area by the Head Office AICPS, Chandigarh.

14.After the Approval of District Committee/Area Committee, The head office will sent you Banners, Visiting Cards, Letter heads and Literature.

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