The person who wants to get membership of All India Crime Prevention Society, Should go through the following rules so that he can understand their duties and responsibilities towards this society. Membership of this society is not a license for loitering with the membership card for its misuse. It is responsibility for spring own time, labour and money for National-character building. Therefore only those person should get the membership of this society WO desire to give something to the society. They should follow the principal of gauding i.e., truth, Honesty and non-violence from their heart and soul.

The membership of the society should in no way be misused in preventing the functioning of law. If they come to know about any suspected activities, they should immediately inform officials of the society and should not act at their own.


1. To provide the power, security and fearlessness to the people and are ready to come forward against the corruption of any short in government or non-government agencies.

2. To encourage the members for improvement of moral and character building qualities in the residents of their area.

        For this, members have to follow the path of Mahatma       Gandhi and try to subdue the evils in the society effectively by non-violent-efforts so that a powerful compaign can be started against these evils.

3. If the country is facing the internal upheavals or outer interference then they will arrange agitations and public meetings with the co-operation of other citizen to oppose such things.

4. Members of the Society will show their unity and organize protest to create public opinion against Dowry, illiteracy and increasing population. Our motive is to help, those people who are victims of Dowry Cases.

5.To take steps for help without any partiality after examining the whole-complaint lodged with them.

6. To Contradict remorse.

7. To create good relations between the police and the public. “Help Police Help Your Self”.

8. To be vigilant against those people whose character is suspicious and clear-source of income is not known.

9. To implements constructive programmes for better understanding among neighbors.

10. To stop Communal riots and disputes.

11. Efforts should be made to reduce tension and attitude of revenge form the minds of the people and sufferer may not adopt the path of crimes.

12. We did everything for welfare for our family but we never think of their security.

            Meeting should be organized in the Mohallas/Sectors for the following objectives.

13. So many crimes like murder, decoity, robbery etc. are taking place dur to domestic servants. Keep an eye on them.

14. Because of person, who came in day time as Electrician, Water, Gas, Telephone Machines, There should be proper vigilance on them in your areas.

15. Terrorist / Extremist are living among as a common man and an aye should be kept on these anti social elements.

16. Increasing drug addiction which is the cause of destructions of human being and humanity should be discharged and meeting be held for this.

17. Inform the local police, if possible or inform the AICPS’s Sector Office so that information may be sent to police immediately.

18. Keep a close watch on movement of anti social elements around the Jhuggies or Dhobi’s.

19. Area Office Should Issue the Identity Cards to watchman, Servant, Vendors etc. on behalf of Branch President of AICPS. Our Branch President will get the information through Police Verification.

20. Sector meetings may be held to emphasis the installation of grill-gates in the service lanes of houses so that unauthorized person may not get entered as sweepers.

21. In the same manner colony may be divided in small parts and grill-gates must be installed at the entry and exits road so that passers by can be watched.

22. Recruit those watch, who are recommended by security agencies or retired defense personal only.

23. Be careful about person asking donations, venders, utensil sellers or those exchanging clothes, beggars, ornaments and coins sellers, do not encourage them to come in afternoon when you are alone.

24. Inform the police about the person who come for polishing or offering to double your ornaments.

25. If the newspaper / Milk Bottles/Bags remains lying at the main gates, it is an indication to thieves that you are not at home. Inform your paper vender / milkman in advance in this regard.

26. before appointing any person as house servant, worker or watchman, police verification must be done regarding character and address.

27. Ask for guarantee before appointing the servants.

28. Do not leave your house in the care of children or aged person.

29. Install remote control in cars and have central locking and security systems for the security of your vehicle.

30. Now-a-days a lot of incident likes murder of the landlord of the house and commission of robberies are taken place by alien servants. Don’t engage any alien servant. Keep it in mind.

            Inspite of all these pre-caution if the theft incident takes place, kindly, inform the police immediately. Don’t leave the spot till the arrival of police or inform the Branch President for onwards transmission.



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