All Over India Our Offices District / Area Committee and Branch Office after Approval then Head Office sending information letter:-

Chief Minister, Area M.L.A., Director General of Police, Director General of Crime Police, Director General of Human Rights,  Senior Superintendent of Police, Superintendent of Police, Area S.H.O. and our aicps office.


Subject: Information regarding opening of a District/ Area Committee and Branch Office and Appointment of its nine-member committee. This committee is constituted by the approval of the Board of Governing Body Chd. Head Office.


                The All India Crime Prevention Society Chd. (Regd.), actively engaged since 1946 in preventing crime, has allowed to open AICPS District/ Area Committee and Branch Office at: – …………………………………………………… It has appointed a nine-member District Committee. The District office apart from organizing debates, seminars and other activities, Shall educate the public to come forward to help the police towards maintaining law and order and be of help in fighting terrorism faced by our country.

It has observed that the public at large is hesitating to become eyewitnesses or disclosing any information to the police, fearing harassment. In order to remove this false fear from the minds of the public, the society shall distribute Literature and also hold public meetings, seminars and other activities to educate people with regard to their duty towards law enforcing agencies and to came forward in deposing  in the courts regarding any occurrence which has been witnessed by them, so that the criminal should be put behind bars. Information of every State & District office opening in the area of the country is being sent to the Head of the Police Deptt. Of the area with directions to its District/ Area Committee and Branch Officeto be in touch with the Police, so that the Society may be able to extend maximum help to the law enforcing agencies. The Ministry of Home Affairs in 1950 had directed all the States of the country to take the active help of the Society in every possible manner.

The Society has organized Diamond Jubilee at Chandigarh in 1999 where prominent dignitaries like M. Ps, Retired Judges, inspectors General of Police and other senior bureaucrats participated in  the celebrations and addressed the audience on people-police relationship, besides appreciating the social work being undertaken by the AICPS having its Head office at Chandigarh, Society has received massages of the good wishes, from President of India, Ministry of Home Affairs, Governors, Directors General of Police of various States etc.

Since the Society is making all efforts to achieve its prime aims to “Help Police-Help Public and Administration” you are requested to render help enabling the Society to discharge its functions smoothly and to prove an asset in rendering valuable service to all department in every possible manner,

The Social work being provided by the AICPS Chd, about which the committee will have to undertakes after Approval (I to 17)

(i)People Police Relationship Seminar, (ii)  Family Planning Camp,  (iii) Tree Plantation(iv)Child Education,  (v) Treating Diabetes,(vi)  De-worming of School Children(vii)Help Police, (viii)Appreciation Letters, (ix)Anti-Dowry Seminar, (x)Animal Welfare Camps, (xi)Environment, (xii)  Mega Medical Camps, (xiii)Eye checkup camps, (xiv)   Blood Donation Camps, (xv) Pulse Polio, (xvi)Elementary Libraries, (xvii) Self Defense / Martial Arts Programmers.

Wishing you best of luck with hope that the said District/ Area Committee and Branch Office would add name and fame to the society in field of social welfare.

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