The Duties of this Designated Member shall be Respectively as Detailed Below:-

Section Duties 2, of the Committee President:

The Committee President shall preside over all of the meeting and shall be the executive head of the Society. The Committee President shall exercise General supervision over its affairs and shall be responsible for the enforcement of these by laws. The Committee President shall also be responsible for other duties as contend in the AICPS Chd. Policies and procedures.

Section Duties 3, of the first Committee Vice-President:

The first Vice-President shall perform all the duties of the President in the Vice-President’s absence, as well as assisting the President in this duty. The Chairman is also responsible for generating and maintaining information of all legislative activity on a state label. The Chairman shall also be responsible for other duties contained in the AICPS policies and procedures.

  (1.)    Normal Area Committee President

            Head of Area Committee, responsible for implementing the directions and guidelines as laid down by the head office Chandigarh from time to time monitoring over all functions of Society, reporting to the head office any details as required by them regarding anything & related to Area Committee.

(2.)    Normal Area Committee Vice President

           Will act as Area President in the absence/leave of Area President and shall company with all the responsibilities of the Area President, normally he would check and monitor the execution of the Area President’s instruction within the society.

(3.)    Normal Area Committee Chairman
             The Chairman of the Normal Area Committee shall preside over all the meeting of Committee.

Membership application and dues shall be submitted to the membership chairman of the affiliated regional Society and after documentation, the regional membership chairman shall forward in a timely manner  of state committee’s portion of the dues as well as a copy of the application to the AICPS membership chairperson for processing and approval. Out of state members may join the region of their choice.

(4.)   Normal Area Committee Organizing Secretary

           Normal Area Committee Organizing Secretary shall make all the suitable arrangements and pool in all the available resources to organize all the function like seminar & Camps and other get together of the Area Committee.

(5.)    Normal Area Committee Finance Secretary

            Maintaining all the financial records of the Area Committee.

(6.)    Normal Area Committee Treasurer

           Planning the expenditure details required for an event to be conducted write to the Normal Area Committee and  forwarding the same to the Area President, Vice President, and President through the allocation of the donation for the event shall be finalized and allocated by the Area President by the consent of Area Vice President, President and Organizing Secretary.

(7.)    Normal Area Committee Public Relation Officer (PRO)

           The PRO shall deal with all the public dealings as regards formation of members and any other promotion and publicity of the Normal Area Committee among the general public of the area of the Area Committee.

           The PRO of adding a new Local member by the Normal Area Committee will be as fellows: The interested person(s) shall approach the Normal Area Committee and express his will to join this Society as member.

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