Life Yogdan Membership I-Card No:-AICPS/LMXX887

“New Joining membership Form NO:-15699/30419 Issue to you. If you are making majority, then Head Office Chandigarh maintenance welfare fund issue by cheque in your own bank account. If you are majority and publicity our societies you are allow All India Joining form Head Office issue new post under district committee and Roll of honor certificate”

New Joining 3 (three) category membership

1. Life Yogdan Membership Joining Form Download

2. Field Executive Membership Joining Form Download

3. Yogdan Membership Joining Form Download

Thanks for the joining and issue Life Yogdan membership i-card.

Note: – only welfare fund allow to you not issue under new joining majority. You’re under majority membership if joining his own friend circle /Relative then you approved form No.-15699/30419 your own signature, then Head Office issue welfare fund.

Head Office after receiving you’re under New Joining forms NO:-15699/30419 Then Issue the I-Card within 15 days with (Office Maintenance) Welfare fund by Cheque in your own name Sending your own address.

Come Forward for (Donation) Fee Life Yogdan Member and contributors to Help Us to Help other-“VOLUNTEERS REQUIRED”

New Joining Membership Majority Photos

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