Come forward for Donation and contributors to help us to help others-VOLUNTEERS REQUIRED.


After Joining See your own photo our website link ALL LIFE MEMBERS I-CARD HOLDER,

Head Office after receiving your new majority form, then issue the all i-cards within 15 days sending your own Postal address

1.) Roll of Honor only for the Life Yogdan Members through Head Office for Responsibility:-

                If you are interested in joining the Head Office under the board of members then you send all the details related to your work profile to the Head Office. AICPS which can include your bio-data. Business Cards (if running a business) Company Letter heads, etc. and after the head office receives all these, documents related to your back round then it would be decided as to what kind of responsibilities to be allotted to you.

2.) Every Life Yogdan member is authorized to open an Area Committee and District Committee all over India:-

            We would like to bring it to your kind notice that for this entire project we require funding and volunteers and you on your part can also raise funding in your area for this project by indication/ joining of new Life Yogdan Member in your area. We hope that you will introduce your all Friends and your Social circle. You are fully authorizing to as new members and based on your introduction of these new members we would add them to your yogdan family. We will upload all your contribution and funding details as actual on our website which can be viewed by anyone in the world to make our work more relevant and transparent to Society .The Yogdan funding collected by you on your behalf from the people know to you or from people raising in your reason is to be deposit by you in the AICPS Head Office Punjab National Bank Account Number:-3252000100080645, IFSC Code:-PUNB0325200, Along with the receipt, And further those collected funds are utilize and disburse to you for the project development work undertaken in your own area as per your signatures requirements of fund. The funds will be allotted to you as per your buggiest that you have to submit to the Head Office for the prior approval.

3.) Head Office as decided that Life Member can join advisory committee:-

                Head Office Board of Governing Body passes the Resolution on dated:-6-11-2018 and decided on the rule under all the Life Member giving the support of the Head Office that the entire Life Member in India and Abroad will be joining the Board of Governing Body under the Head Office Chandigarh as decided, any update in the AICPS agenda world be notify to you from time to time, and it has been planned so that all members have the information’s done by the Governing Body.

4.) Head Office Share Responsibility for Charitable Purpose:-

                All the charities collected through various funding and various charity shows and seminar world are forwarded for the development and cracking purpose of the District Committee office and Area Committee office. As AICPS is not a profit making organization so we authorized to the Head Office and then it’s the Responsibility of the head office to the collect this fund to respective region  as per the requires.

                All this completed ten new Life yogdan forms should be forwarded to the Head Office or to your District Committee Office. The Yogdan done by this new yogdan members be deposit in the name of our society head office All India Crime Prevention Society Chd. Punjab National Bank Account Number:-3252000100080645, IFSC Code:-PUNB0325200. The information related to district committee in your region is displayed online on our and your edited information along with your photograph is also available on our which you can check any time. This funding collected all over India will be utilizing by District Committee and Area Committee for Development purpose and will be deposit in their own Bank Account. Respective region in the name of District Committee ALL India Crime Prevention Society Bank Account.

5.) Authorization of the power to Life Member as decided by Head Office:-

                All the District Committee and Area Committee as completely under the supervision of the Head Office Chandigarh. Any kind of work being under taken by the concerned authorities in any of the District Committee and Area Committee as to approved first by authorities at Head Office. Kind of power being granted to the Committees as to be decided by the Head Office. Also if any future an area or district committee wants undertake any new development work in their respective region the it’s every important to bring search update in the knowledge of the Head Office.

6.) Only Life Member is eligible to join the sub-committee under any state in India and Abroad:-

                If a person want to be part of the sub-committee in any of the States of India and Abroad, Then it’s very important that he or she becomes the Life Yogdan member of AICPS. That is only to check the credibility and legitimacy of that person for the efforts and dedication to join AICPS and the responsibility being in allotted to different members of AICPS District /Area Committee is previous track record of working being done with us on our previous project.

7.) Only Life Yogdan Members are authorized to start a Project (Social Project) in area, district and state:-

            Started above it’s very important firstly to be a life member in order to be the active participant in our new social project different state of India, So if a person want to become a life yogdan member of AICPS then he has to feel in the membership form which can be downloaded online from our and after feeling all the details can be submitted to the Head Office. After be receive the document related to his joining the Life Yogdan Membership be check is records and then issue him a lifetime membership card issue by the AICPS Head Office.

8.) You can join any sub-committee to help the District Committee as deserved:-

            We have already issued a Roll of Honor Certificate to all the Life Yogdan Members of AICPS. And further if you have received the Roll of Honor Certificate along with letter issue by the Head office then kindly revert back to us that you have received important the documents, And kindly also let us know whether you have gone through the AICPS website and search the important contents online as per our advise In last letter for your information, Also see to it that your photograph has been updated on our website(, The link for checking your photos can be found on by clicking in menu, No.-1 Our office and then click on your no.-2 States region: We wish you all the best for your advisers as an active member of the society and look forward to place to tour self as an unable assts of the organization your help is only for charitable purpose all over India and we hope that you will give us full support.

 9.) Facility of the Life Member:                          

(a.)       Roll of Honor only for the Life Member through Head Office for responsibility.

(b.)         Any Life Member as power to open an Area Committee and District Committee all Over India.

(c.)         Board decided that life member join Head Office board.

(d.)         Head Office Responsibility share for charitable purpose.

If any AICPS I-Card holder under Validity I-Card you are attend any Administration and any criminal activity looking for you. Then you cover the mobile recording and send to the Head Office Chandigarh. If you are any Administration refuse your AICPS I-Card then you written complaint send to the Head Office Chandigarh. Head Office immediately taking the action under by law our legal department. Head Office immediately taking the action under by law our legal department. Only help police to fight the terrorism and save the country from crime and terrorism. Make India Crime Free

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