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AICPS CHD New Resolution passed dated:-1-1-2007

Old i-card/missing i-card/damage i-card DOWNLOAD FORM

Annual meeting new rules new computerized Number i-card information regarding order date:-1st January 2007 to head office Sh. Avtar Singh National President & Chief Executive Board of Governor. Meeting and old i-card information sends by SMS, by phone by e-mail, by post to all over India our all members with post.

All over India District Committee/Area Committee and all Life Yogdan Members issue the old typing lamination i-card under dated:-2000 to 2006, District/ Area Committee, Branches and Life Yogdan Members all joining members request to you change your i-card and District/Area Committee and Branches in the annual meeting visit and deposit the old i-card.  After receiving your i-card then head office issue the new i-card (t & c apply) If you are your i-card not deposit to Head Office, then head office not taking any responsibility any legal problem and not expect any written complain, only under new rules and new computerized i-card numbering expected  only AICPS/LMXX……, some i-card by mistake issue numbering RAMASHISH KUMAR   –1733/4930 BIHAR, KAMALJIT SINGH–2695/643 CHANDIGARH, MOHD.AZAM SHEIKH-MGI-1832/12-GG VAPI, VAKIL AHMED ANSARI–12GG/4933 GUJRAT, RAM MEHAR SINGH-12GG/4935 GUJRAT, HANIF ABDUL BELIM-12GG/4934 GUJRAT, MOHD. SHARIF AZAM SHAIKH-12GG/4473 GUJRAT, PRAKASH CHOUDHARI–11/12GG GUJRAT, SAIFEE A JANI-3/12GG MUMBAI, ALAMGIR MUJAHID KHAN-C GUJRAT, MOHAMED NAVI KHAN-6/12GG GUJRAT, SYED GAFOOR SIROHA-7/12GG GUJRAT, DILSHAD KHAN -8/12GG GUJRAT, BEG BAHAUDIN BADRUDIN -12GG/10 GUJRAT, HARSHAD GUGALIYA-2/12GG GUJRAJ, MOHD ALI AMIN SAYAD-1/12GG GUJRAT, MOHD. IZHAR-4725/6213 GUJRAT, STANLEY H.SUAKES-12GG/4 GUJRAT, APURVA ARUN KUMAR DAVE-2716-8/12-0/3 MUMBAI, MOHAN THAKKER-3/12-0/3 MUMBAI, MALANT PRAVIN-2716/4/12/0/3 MUMBAI, HITTEN JAGMOHANDAS PABARI-2716-5/12/0/3 MUMBAI, DHARMESH PABARI-2716/6/12/0/3 MUMBAI, PANKAJ SHRIKRISHNA TRIVEDI-2144/12/0/13 MUMBAI, LALIT D. TRIVEDI -2144/12/012 MUMBAI, BHARAT-2144/12-0/11 MUMBAI , KAILASH-2523/12-05 MUMBAI, DAVE BALKISHORE-2158/12-0/6 MUMBAI, TRIVEDI BHARAT-12/07 MUMBAI, NEGANDHI RAJENDRA-2157/12-0 MUMBAI, VAIKUNTHLAL L.. TRIVEDI-12-0/8 MUMBAI, RAJENDRA-12/0-9 MUMBAI, NARESH SHAH-2144/12/01/2001 MUMBAI,MADHU VIG-2032 HARYANA,RAJINDER SHARMA-2700/599 PUNJAB, BRIJ MOHAN SHARMA-2665/553 SHIMLA, PABARI JAGMOHAN-12-0/1 MUMBAI, PARAG KANANI-2715/12-02 MUMBAI, SURINDER KUMAR DUTT-2371 PUNJAB, MALANI MANOJ-12-0/3, MUMBAI, NIKHIL SAMANI-12-0/3 MUMBAI, SUMEET SAMANI-2716-2/12-0/3 MUMBAI, RAKESH KANANI-2150/12-0/2001 MUMBAI, NASIR RIZWAN-4725/6212 GUJRAT, CHIRAG P. MEHTA-3781/4861 MUMBAI, SHRI RAJMAL-12.J/4 MUMBAI, M.G. SHARMA-5057 HIMACHAL PRADESH, SURINDER KUMAR GUPTA-345/536 PUNJAB, HASMUKH LAL D. TRIVEDI-12-0/4 MUMBAI, JASPAL SINGH-2739/1733/4449 PUNJAB, NARESH KUMAR SEN-2699/1021, HARYANA, AMARJEET SINGH BAJWA-2699/1652 HARYANA, JASPAL SINGH-1999/679 PUNJAB. All Over India AICPS Head Office Sifted to New Office Address:-S.C.O.-66, Top Floor, sector-32-C, Chandigarh-160047, Sifting time missing the some files, visit our website see the how to join/download forms, again you send immediately your data our new office S.C.O.-66, Top Floor, sector-32-C, Chandigarh-160047, Head Office sending again your New computerized I-Card (t & c apply), If you are missing, damage your i-card please contact the Head Office Chandigarh  By Phone and By E-Mail.

If you are change your i-card then head office sending a letter your own area police station, regarding information letter re-issue your new i-card, All India Crime Prevention Society Chandigarh, Help Police Administration to make India Crime Free.

If you are opening All India Crime Prevention society Chandigarh office in your own area, After approval of District/Area Committee Governing body, the information letters are issued to Director General of Police, Director General of Human Rights, Deputy Commissioner, Senior Superintendent of Police, Superintendent of Police, Police Station (S.H.O.) of your area.

Note:-Please All Life Members Page No.-1 to 4 Search your photo & i-card No. Then send to the Head Office your I-Card Then Head Office Re-Issue  your i-card.

Old i-card/missing i-card/damage i-card DOWNLOAD FORM

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