Life Member Rules-2017

Life Membership:-

Board of Advisory Committee passed the Resolution dated:-22-5-2017, Time:-11:30, All Over India Life Membership Joining Fee Rs-10000/- Form Download

If you are a Life membership under rule & regulations then head office giving to the permission each new life members joining  50% (Rs-5000/-five thousand) welfare fund in your account.

Life Member All Over India and Abroad see the all life yogdan members’ photos

Any life members head offices allow opening new office ALL INDIA CRIME PREVENTION SOCIETY CHD your own area. Rule & regulation under 4 (four) category District Committee Governor/ District Committee President/ Area Committee President/Branch Manager in your own choice.

District Committee Governor 9(Nine) Body see the Rules

District Committee President 9 (Nine) Body see the Rules

Area Committee President 7(Seven) Body see the Rules

Branch Manager 6(Six) Body see the Rules

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