I.A.S (Retd.)

AICPS Chairman

Man is a social Animal as the Sociologists Propound. Socialising has its cardinal principal of live and let live which means value Based Polity Tampered with dignity, Self respect and mutual tolerance. Rudimentary Beginnings of society resulted in city states which in due course of time came up to face rough elements, unruly behaviour and violent action. To regulate public peace and amity institution of marshals was sent in motion. With the increases in the size of city state. This institution on further expanded in size and power. Interstate claim across and armed were set up.For civil administration city councils, Supported by law enforcement agencies such as police and judiciary were also through essential with the passage of time parliaments were set up to frame law for meetings the needs of a society in all its multifarious active including Development, industrialisation and social justice. In most of the developed countries approach to law and order within the States is through local control. Policies as on today are not only a force to prevent crime but also bring peace in the society through coercive measures. Police has two major Fields, one is to prevent crime ad second is to bring to back the criminals who have committed crime. In the case of prevention of crime public co-operation is the most important factor.In the transitional period through which our society is passing after independence, there is lot of confusion in the administration of crime; Police does not have a track record to be proved of. Failing are Flagrant and in abundance. During the five decease of independence we drifted down the slippery slope in to darkness and hopelessness almost in all aspects of our social actives including police administration. Prevention of crime required public awareness and will to stand up to unruly elements politician, Policemen and conniving hierarchy of bureaucrats. All are dragging the society into chaos anarchy where’ might is right’ Prevails. Our Society is plagued with communalism, Casteism, regional bias and above all corruption at all levels, value and morality based public stance is gone with the wind. Who should ball the cat is the big question.Plate the greatest of the sociologists this planet has product once discoursing his view to the posterity empharied the necessity to build ’Action of will’ which is the seed of democratic values in the so called modern society all over the Globe. Public has to be educated, trained and persuaded to build this ’Action of will’ police and Public are very much involved and affected in this task of building bridges of understanding and cooperation to prevent commission of crime at large.All India Crime Prevention Society in its own modest way has launched a movement to organise this ‘Action of will’ and in a way provide the missing link between the disgusted and disheartened common man and the police. An ordinary person does not want or like to interact with policeman. Primarily because firstly policeman lacks for the common man. Rough and redubehaviour is considered to be a norm of a policeman. In development countries police always greets the common man with the words ’Sir’ can I help you ’here police, considered every one approaching them at influential. Police requires re-oriented of their public behaviour irrespective of his, colour, creed, and caste of riches. All India Crime Prevention Society has set before itself the task of dispelling this aura of ‘Fear’ that besets the common man in going to the police. Exposure of mal-administration, delaying tactics and corrupt practice will have to be the comer-stone of the society’s policy.For organising the public into a force armed with public opinion, infrastructure at various social levels is being evolved branch manager heading local specified number of our card holder will be our grass root operation. Coordination will be with district managers who will epitome the primary membership. State level Executives will be the apex agency of the hierarchy of crime prevention society the shape of a well operated public forum match has situation.National Level Organisation will have the overall supervision and control of the lower level and provide necessary authenticity to the fabric of the society. Members will have an ‘identity Card’ will be the basic document on the basis of which he will operate within his beat to carry out his responsibilities in his area of operation. Board of Governor actually is responsible for framing of policies; arrange top level interfacing with police and national level Seminar to high light the problem that a citizen or a policeman faces. Regional meets, conferences, prior briefing and production of literature in this direction are some of the major fields in which the National level activity of the All India Crime Prevention Society will percolate.At present the policemen does not work for the people or the common man. He actually is controlled by his masters of the hierarchy politician, Dadas, the rich and influential persons. Common man fears from his and he fears from these masters and “Controllers” who have vested interest. Police is not answerable to law and the people.Judicial activism is a scenario but political interference, corruption at all levels and structural imbalances in the police set up as mentioned by National Police Commission are negating everything that higher judiciary to do or wants executive wing to do far the common man. Crimalisation of politics has further contributes to the tarnishing of the image of the police has the political masters when out of power condemn the police but when in power do the same and force the copy to collaborate to their political or other nefarious designs. Police will Nelly are tempted to become Corrupt and partakers in this unholy race for easy money. Society want to liberate police from their present “Self” and provide people impartial straight and just system policing in which people can have faith and social security.To resolve the conflicting stances taken by the erring masters, unscrupulous Politicians and crimilised local cells, there is dire necessity to set up grass root Anti crime councils assisted by the branch managers, it should normally consist of Card-Holders, Public sympathisers of repute and standing and eminent social workers who meet the local police chief i.e. S.H.O. once a month and discuss problems and offer public cooperation to the police and also review the delays in investigation. Any factor leading to corruption should be identified and eliminated.Public is increasingly awakening to express their displeasure in various ways. Anti Establishment vote in Assembly Election is a point in instance. A few Heads rolled due to onion crises. Slowly momentum is building up against criminals sneaking into Assemblies / Parliaments. Some have been there always but now public is responding quickly to pull down the corrupt. Cleaning the top will be necessary to ensure corruption free Society. All India Crime Prevention Society in its humble way is striving to provide dignity and social security to the citizen of the Republic of India. So help us God. 

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