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A District committee is formed after the approval of board of governing body head office chandigarh. 9 members form a complete district committee with 9 posts. Allotted to the nine post -(1) District Committee Governor (2) District Committee  Vice Governor (3) District Committee Executive President (4) District Committee Chairman (5) District Committee Secretary (6) District Committee Organizing Secretary (7) District Committee Finance Secretary (8) District Committee Treasurer (9) District Committee Public Relation Officer. AICPS requires district committee in every district of all states of India. If you don’t have a district committee near you, than you can apply to make a district committee right now. A bank account in name of your district committee is opened, in which all the donations fee collected is 100% deposited in that bank account so that you can carry out noble causes of our society as per rules . You can easily form a majority in your area and make public police relation better.  Become a member and make a difference. Click here to download forms. All 9 members of the District Committee have to make 7 members each. After the members make 63 field executive members, field executive i-cards will be issued to the district committee office. And after the approval of members, the Head office will open a Bank account in the name of the District Committee. After the District Committee enrolls 63 field executive members,  the head office will issue letters to the authorities like Director General of Police Human Rights Commission, State Director General of Police, District Commissioner, Senior Superintendent of Police, Superintendent of Police, of that District to inform them of the District Committee and its noble missions. All 63 Field Executive Members will work for the district committee and help Joining more majority in its surrounding areas. The Field Executive members can only join as Yearly Yogdan Members and have to pay a membership form fee each of Rs 1500 which will be 100% deposited in the District Committee Bank account. That the district committee will receive fund, donations, and maintain accounts and bank operation and spend the funds to fulfill the aims and objects of the society. The district committee will be responsible for the use of funds/donations/expenses etc. with the approval from Head office and district committee will submit the detail of functions photo and report to the Head office after every three months at Chandigarh. The team of Head office headed by legal cell can at any time come for inspection without any prior intimation , hence records shall be available at district committee office every time. Joining AICPS District Committee Office more details in hindi click here


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