The  Ministry  of  home  Affairs, Govt.  Of  India   Vide  its    GO No. 90/50/police, April 26, 1950 and  36/32/56 police Dec.10,1958  has directed the states to Utilize  the  services of “All India Crime Prevention Society in every manner’ s.

Before partition Pre-independence period 1946, All India Crime Prevention Society came into existence and was first organized. Its founder members were Late S.Gurmukh Singh and his associate Late Sh.Sampurnanand and Dr.Paripurnanand, younger brother of Chief Minister Utter Pradesh, pionneer of open prison system in India, Sh.Shiv Mangal Singh Kapoor MLA associate of Pt. Govind Valabh Pant, former home Minister, Government of India and his son Sh.B.S.Kapoor in a team were directly involved in the society. The above personalities run the office of All India Crime Prevention Society. The said Society was running smoothly for the 12 years up till the death of Dr.Paripuranand and there after his death the society was almost vanished .

Registered Society (Act  XXI of 1860 Act.1957)

First perceived by Late. Sh. Gurmukh Singh in 1946 and currently being headed by Sh. Avtar Singh Matharoo S/o  Late Sh. S. Gurmukh Singh (Founder AICPS).

National President of Chief Executive board of Governors

All India Crime Prevention Society  is in existence for more than fifty years now, it goes without saying that this society is necessary to fill the wide gap between the law & order enforcing agencies and the general public as a whole. Crime Prevention is much important than crime detection. Police  is the prime organ of the State for maintenance of peace and security and at present is hardly able to focus on crime detection and punishment of the criminals, more often the  investigation is padded, partial and slipshod, even in this sphere the performance is far from satisfaction. AICPS  strives to impress upon the police authorities to tamper the investigation with alacrity, impartiality, promptness and above all dispassionate behavior. Delay breeds corruption and gives birth to all sorts of temptations, allurements, extortions and miscarriage of investigation. Wealthy and influential criminals pay their way through and hijack the whole process to meet their nefarious designs. Society has the role to stop this unsavory derailment of the law and order maintenance. In place of orderly procedures, rules and regulations are bent, twisted and subverted resulting in the poor, the needy and the complaining victims left in hue and cry. Law and Order, thus is reduced to protecting the menial & hardened criminals, and also the political oppressors who use it as an arm to further fulfill their vested interests. Instead of being an impartial agency meant to curb criminals, it becomes a handy tool to protect the criminals, Common man thus fears to approach this agency. Gap thus widens and anarchic overtones the already vitiated atmosphere .

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