NOTE: Please do not give cash to anybody promising membership of AICPS CHD . To become a member you have to submit fund directly at PNB account number 3252000100080645 from all over India. This is charitable fund and not refundable .

You can become a Life Member , for which you can download form and affidavit from links given below.

Download Life Member Form And Affidavit has to be submitted along each form Click here to see Affidavit

If  you are interested in forming a District committee please send a application along with district committee form.  Please attach the district committee form along with your life membership form. After that you will be recieving your i-card from head office.


LIFE  MEMBERSHIP (New amendment)

For Individuals who want to join All India Crime Prevention Society CHD Life Yogdan Membership is the best option. It is a one time donation membership and a card is issued to the applicant verifying that individual is a Life Yogdan Member   I CARD SAMPLE ISSUED BY THE HEAD OFFICE

As per the decsion of Head office and board of governing body taken last year, AICPS CHD will be issueing icards with hologram  for cards that will be issued from january 2009 onwards. THe given below are samples of the cards that will have hologram on it. Please contact head office if you recieve any card without hologram from anyone or any district / area committee.

Back side sample of cards
Hologram has been introduced  to prove

authenticity of the card.


Procedure – Please download life yogdan life member and follow instructions given in  it.

CLICK HERE Life Yogdan Members who have already joined AICPS in India and abroad.


All India Crime Prevention Society CHD.

S.C.O. 66, Top Floor,

Sec 32C

Chandigarh. 160047

Head Office Phone no. 10am – 5pm :- 0172-2666175,2666302,4672891 fax 2666175

email –

After verifying the credentials the Head Office issues an I-Card to the applicant.  The application needs to be accompanied by relevent identification documents, yearly meber needs to supply atleast 3 document for identity from the following ids – Ration Card,Voter id,Driving license ,passport .  Once you become a Life Yogdan Member , you also get authority to open a District Committee. What is a Disctrict Committee ? Kindly click here for details.


Other membership available is yearly yogdan membership.  The applicant as to fill in form and submit an affidavit. The  fee collected for yearly membreship is again ustilised for our charitable works around the country. The yearly member has to reniew there membership annualy. Head office issues a card to yearly members with a 1 year validity period. The fee and procedure for this membership has been revoked , the newly decided fee for yearly membership is Rs 1500 , this amendment will come to force after 1 jan 2009 and has been passed by the governing body. To all our members we facilitate in making police public relations better. Members can take consultance from society legal department in case they require some legal information related to there own issues. This facility is ONLY for members and yearly members can also utilize this facility only if there card is under valid date.

To download Executive Membership form click here.

Also download this copy of kind of affidavit you have to send accompanied by your application.

Sample yearly yogdan member

ExecutiveYogdan Card

Join this Noble Mission

The Ministry of home Affairs, Govt. Of India Vide its GO No. 90/50/police, April 26, 1950 and 36/32/56 police Dec.10,1958 has directed the states to Utilize the services of “All India Crime Prevention Society in every manner’ s

Lt. Sh. Gurmukh Singh

(Freedom Fighter)(1912 – 1998)


Ex-Royal Air Force before partition founder

(of the All India Crime Prevention Society 1946 at Karachi and Lahore)


Sh. Avtar Singh Matharoo

senior citizen (born1935)

ational President & Chief Executive Board of Governors

All India Crime Prevention Society Chd.

First organized by its founder Late. Sh. Gurmukh Singh in 1946, Avtar Singh Matharoo S/o Late. S. Gurmukh Singh Registered Society (Act XXI of 1860 Act.1957) Chandigarh. All India Crime Prevention Society Chd


Society mission


How we all can do

Public Awareness is the best way to complete society’s mission.

Public Awareness: – The process of informing the general population, increasing levels of awareness about risks and how people can act to reduce their exposure to hazards. This is particularly important for public officials in fulfilling their responsibilities to save lives and property in the event of a disaster. Public awareness activities foster changes in behavior leading towards a culture of risk reduction. This involves public information, dissemination, education, radio or television broadcasts, use of printed media, as well as, the establishment of information centers and networks and community and participation actions.

What we do for public awareness

We arrange the camps, Seminar, Janta darbar all over the India with our strong volunteer strength and offices. Our activities can be check here


Our society proceeds with Life Yogdan members and annual members.

How you can participate in this noble mission?

Our life member can open a District/Area committee office in their own state. District/Area committee office will provide full information about the society. Committee office is consisting of 9 members of a same district.

If you willing to join this noble mission click here for further information, documentation & download form.

Life Yogdan Members …………..………Download Forms:

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