High Dignitary District Committee Office –12-6-2018

High Dignitary District Committee Office No.-1,



The Ministry of home Affairs, Govt. Of INDIA Vide its GO No. 90/50/police, April 26, 1950 and 36/32/56 police Dec.10, 1958 has directed the states to “Utilize the services of All India Crime Prevention Society in every manner” First organized by its founder late. S. Gurmukh Singh in 1946, Avtar Singh S/o Late. S. Gurmukh Singh Govt. Of India Act (XXI of 1860) 1957 All India Crime Prevention Society Chd. (Regd.)

 District Committee High Dignitary Qualified Person 10 (Ten) post to be appointed by the Head Office Chandigarh,   

1. High Dignitary District Committee Governor (Life Member Mandatory) Two Forms DOWNLOAD

2. High Dignitary District Committee Vice Governor (Life Member Mandatory)Two Forms DOWNLOAD

3. High Dignitary District Committee Executive President DOWNLOAD

4. High Dignitary District Committee Chairman DOWNLOAD

5. High Dignitary District Committee Secretary DOWNLOAD

6. High Dignitary District Committee Organizing Secretary DOWNLOAD

7. High Dignitary District Committee Finance Secretary DOWNLOAD

8. High Dignitary District Committee Treasurer DOWNLOAD

9. High Dignitary District Committee P.R.O. DOWNLOAD

10. High Dignitary District Committee Advisor (Advocate or Retd. Administration departments) DOWNLOAD

 Body of the district committee rules 10 post which allow to the district committee members fulfill form with District committee under the of Governor Signature, 10 form send to the head office Chandigarh *Attach a DD/ NEFT/ Online Cash Deposit Slip. Shape of All India Crime Prevention Society Chd Punjab National Bank Account Number:-3252000100080645, IFSE Code:-PUNB0325200. District committees fulfill form received then Approved by the head office Chandigarh. Your District Committee body 10 posts and two Life Yogdan Members I-card with AICPS Memorandum rules book within 15 days by registered post send by the District Committee Governor address.

District Committee after approval;

Head Office after approve District Committee Governor and his make agreement made by head office national governor & chief executive board of governor. District committee Governor under any new Life yogdan members each joining fee Rs.-6000/- and Yearly yogdan members joining fee Rs.-2000/- donations 100% charitable welfare fund deposit your district committee bank account as per the new rules dated:-12-6-2018. Formatted by the society this fund utilized our society public benefit. Our AICPS missions come forward volunteer donations and contributions to help us to help other People in your state.  

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