High Dignitary District Committee Mullanpur Dakha Rural Area Ludhiana (West) Office Rule:-

High Dignitary District Committee under work 1 to 125 village’s rural area Ludhiana west joining High Dignitary Area Committee and District/Area Committee & Life Yogdan Membership / Yogdan Membership increase majority only allow to High Dignitary. All joining forms Download our website www.aicps.org on left side aicps joining forms and fulfill any form attested your signature and stamp must be required. all joining fee deposit All india crime prevention society chd. Head Office Chandigarh then sending welfare fund by cheque in your own account for office maintenance Mullanpur Dakha. And your approval form then I-Card by Registered post sending.

High Dignitary District Committee Mullanpur Dakha Rural Area Ludhiana (West) Office under S.S.P. for People-Police-Relationship, Make India Crime Free and Social Work and clean India.

High Dignitary District Committee Office Each post joining fee Rs.-6000/-, 9 (Nine) Members Each Post I-Card Valid Only Six Years Board of Governing Body Mullanpur dakha under aicps rules Valid up to:- 4-12-2018 TO 4-12-2024, After 6 years Head Office Check your performance then again issue the new I-Card as per under rules 50% Less Renew Charges.

District Committee long time of your good Performance in Mullanpur Dakha Rural Area (Ludhiana west). That behalf allow High Dignitary District Committee office 50% Discount expected, Head Office after Received your joining payment with your 9 post forms, Then Head Office issue the 9 post i-card Six Year Valid and allow to High Dignitary District Committee under your working all the Rural Area Ludhiana West approved:- 4-12-2018 by the Head Office.  

1) High Dignitary District Committee Governor
2) High Dignitary District Committee Vice Governor
3) High Dignitary District Committee Executive President
4) High Dignitary District Committee Chairman
5) High Dignitary District Committee Secretary
6) High Dignitary District Committee Organizing Secretary
7) High Dignitary District Committee Finance Society
8) High Dignitary District Committee Treasurer
9) High Dignitary District Committee P.R.O

AICPS High Dignitary District Committee Office to be Appointed by the Head Office Chandigarh in New Circular 31 March 2019 for AICPS Chandigarh all over India and Abroad new category membership post and society are as under:-

Body of the High Dignitary District Committee 9 (Nine) post are allowed to the High Dignitary district committee members approved by the Head Office for 6 Years. You’re Office under Majority increase and Head Office under Rules Issue welfare fund for maintenance in your own bank account through Cheque.  I-Card Issue for People-Police-Relationship and Make India Crime Free and Clean India Crime Free.

Head Office issue 9 post form with your photo and post and allow to you new joining Majority under your office. If you required more form then you download the form in Left Side AICPS Running Office Click here and search your office name and open your office and click your photo.

1. High Dignitary Area Committee.

2. District Committee Office

3. Area Committee Office

4. Life Yogdan Membership Form.

5. Area Field Executive Form.

6. Yearly Yogdan Membership Form

 Then Head Office issue I-card within 15 days sending your new joining Committee Office Address by Registered post. This welfare fund utilize meet expenses of the Head Office Chandigarh including salary of employees, Rent , Electricity, Mobile, Telephone, Fax, E-Mail, Internet, Website Expenses of the computer maintenance of the building in case litigation charges expenses function organized by the Head office as per the under Rules.

Member joining you’re on these High Dignitary Area Committee. The aims and objects of the Society are to help police and administration to make India crime free.  Our society will be totally charitable purposes to promote social, AICPS office same work as a Loins Club & Rotary Club. Economical, culture and education interests.  It will provide medical facilities, legal aid to the poor victims. The society will function and undertake cases all over India Provide. To prevent crime against society. To take speedy action. The new joining fund will be utilized for the causes and purpose of the Society. The assets of the Society will be for the better management of All India Crime Prevention society Chandigarh. The National Governor & Chief Executive who is in the chain from the Founder of the Society will appoint or elect Board of Governor, Sub-Committee, commission, trust and other agencies for better running of the Administration of the Society.

AS per the rules of High Dignitary District Committee office full & final approval, then head office sending the society about information letter DGP, IGP, SSP DC, & Administration and copy of your High Dignitary District committee office. Please send the all addresses. District committee his own choice inform the society letters. High Dignitary District Committee follow the AICPS rules.

New Committee office regularly encourage your members to recruit new  members you are allow to new joining your own Rural Area, Ludhiana (W),  Area Committee Members throughout the year. If you joining form requirement then sending to the Committee Office Address.

 All I/Card issue by only under the signature of National President & chief Executive board of Governor with AICPS Golden Hologram. No one has any authority to prepare and issue I-Cards.

Dear Committee leaders you are interested for the mega hunger Religion project of donating breakfast to velankkanide votes who are we are going to provide food and Wales this is sponsored by Committee members & his  members.
Use following steps to help to generate ears.

>> Organize free medical Camps. Awareness Camps. And other Activities related to social awareness programs as per the guidelines and institutions from the head office
>> Funds will be diverted to  Committee through Head Office by proper channel and procedures.

>> Challenge your Committee members to meet a specific membership goal. Keep the momentum and fun going by reporting your success during meeting or the Committee `s new slitter?

>> Encourage yogdan members to invite a friend to Committees meeting to learn more about AICPS and the services they provide.
>> Encourage members to invite friends. Families and prospects to help out the committee’s service activities or fundraising to get a firsthand look at  committee in action.

>> Consider reaching out to new demographic group by sponsoring a  Committee for Member within their District consisting of nine governing members any post. If you are joining any new High Dignitary Area Committee and Members required then you allow new High Dignitary Area Committee and Members. Then head office issue the ROLL OF HONOR CERTIFICATE for  Committee 9 post only.

>> This induction program of yogdan and members is planned for the financial and economic growth of the committee as well. All audit reports will be handled by the head office itself. All contributors should only be taken by cheque /DD in favor committee in the Head Office Account.

>> And also of local police and Administration. If  Committee come to know about any crime or illegality in the system. Please do intimate the Head Office Chandigarh afterwards it would be the responsibility of head office to take any action through proper channel. Please take complaints in written the complainant should be verified by the Committee.

The Duties of this Designated Members shall be Respectively as Detailed Below:-

(1.)    High Dignitary District Committee Governor

            Head of District Committee, responsible for implementing the directions and guidelines as laid down by the head office Chandigarh from time to time monitoring over all functions of Society, reporting to the head office any details as required by them regarding anything & related to District Committee.

(2.)    High Dignitary District Committee Vice Governor

           Will act as District Governor in the absence/leave of District Governor and shall company with all the responsibilities of the District Governor, normally he would check and monitor the execution of the District Governor’s instruction within the society.

(3.)    High Dignitary District Committee Executive President

            He would normally assist the District Governor.

The Executive board shall have the power to include suspend or expel any member by a two – thirds vote of the eligible voting members present for any conduct deemed detrimental to the interest of the Society. The decision may be applied to the general membership who will have the authority to affirm or rescind the Board  decision by two- thirds vote.

The Executive board shall have the authority to remove any Board members, by majority vote, who has been absent from two (2)consecutive board meeting or fails to perform the duties of their respective office as prescribed by active Article V the board shall have the authority to appoint member in good standing to fulfill the duties of that committee office for the remainder of the term.

(4.)    High Dignitary District Committee Chairman
             The Chairman of the District Committee shall preside over all the meeting of Committee.

Membership application and dues shall be submitted to the membership chairman of the affiliated regional Society and after documentation, the regional membership chairman shall forward in a timely manner  of state committee’s portion of the dues as well as a copy of the application to the AICPS membership chairperson for processing and approval. Out of state members may join the region of there choice.

(5.)    High Dignitary District Committee Secretary

           To maintain all the records and files of society like computer printouts, Photo Copy of important documents etc.

(6.)   High Dignitary District Committee Organizing Secretary

           District Committee Organizing Secretary shall make all the suitable arrangements and pool in all the available resources to organize all the function like seminar & Camps and other get together of the District Committee.

(7.)    High Dignitary District Committee Finance Secretary

            Maintaining all the financial records of the District Committee.

(8.)    High Dignitary District Committee Treasurer

           Planning the expenditure details required for an event to be conducted write to the District Committee and  forwarding the same to the District Governor, Vice Governor, and President through the allocation of the donation for the event shall be finalized and allocated by the District Governor by the consent of District Vice Governor, President and Organizing Secretary.

(9.)    High Dignitary District Committee Public Relation Officer (PRO)

           The PRO shall deal with all the public dealings as regards formation of members and any other promotion and publicity of the District Committee among the general public of the area of the District Committee.

           The PRO of adding a new Local member by the District Committee will be as fellows: The interested person(s) shall approach the District Committee and express his will to join this Society as member.

Membership and committee office

Active –Any individual who has a concerned interest in the promotion of crime prevention in the state of India may become and active members. This  members will have voting rights and may serve on committees. Member will have voting right and all other privileges of both the state regional Association which has been specified.

Sponsor- All Businesses, Organization, or Groups affiliated with decision manufacture, supply , Installation in the crime prevention effort. This member will not have voting rights, but may serve on committees and receive crime prevention effort. This Members will not have voting rights but may serve on committees and receive other benefits as approve by the board of director. Each sponsor’s membership application must be approved by the board of director.

All person’s who in the opinion of the members, have rendered outstanding service to the All India Crime Prevention Society. This Members will not have voting rights, but may serve on committees. Their  are no dues for honorary members, honorary membership is in effect for period of one year there is not limit to the member of times that a member may be voted honorary membership.

Life-Person, who by vote of the membership, have so shown outstanding service to the purpose of the Society. There shall be no state  or regional dues for this class of membership life member enjoy all the rights of active membership. Life Members shall have the privilege to attend all activities as summer and Mid-winter conference without paying any registration fees. This includes training, Luncheon, banquet President reception, etc.. The status of Life Membership shall remain until it is removed by  a vote of the general membership.

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