Each post joining Fee Rs, 6000 only

The Ministry of home Affairs, Govt. of India Vide its GO No. 90/50/police, April 26, 1950 and 36/32/56 police Dec.10,1958 has directed the states to “Utilize the services of All India Crime Prevention Society in every manner”

First organized by its founder late. S. Gurmukh Singh in 1946, Avtar Singh Matharoo S/o Late. S. Gurmukh Singh Govt. Of India Act (XXI of 1860) 1957 All India Crime Prevention Society Chd. (Regd.)

1) High Dignitary District Committee Governor
2) High Dignitary District Committee Vice Governor
3) High Dignitary District Committee Executive President
4) High Dignitary District Committee Chairman
5) High Dignitary District Committee Secretary
6) High Dignitary District Committee Organizing Secretary
7) High Dignitary District Committee Finance Society
8) High Dignitary District Committee Treasurer
9) High Dignitary District Committee P.R.O

High Dignitary District Committee to be appointed by the Head Office Chandigarh, 9 post Joining Forms DOWNLOAD


Fulfill 9 posts  forms  with joining  fees Head Office Bank Account. Then I/Card  within a 15 days by Registered post your on Address.
After issue i/Card then open the District Committee  Bank account  your own  area. Then 100% New joining membership forms fee your on Account No…Deposit .Head Office issue forms district committee  with your own bank account.Then you’re joining.  All  i/Card issue Head Office only under the signature of National Governor and chief Executive board of Governor with aicps hologram . No one has any authority to prepare and issue i-Cards.
District Committee approved body. Then each 9 posts joining under 3 new need members.Then Totally your body 9X3=27 members. Your District  committee each joining fee Rs-6000/-
27 member joining fee deposit Your on district Committee account Rs 162000/- this family members. The aims and objects of the Society are to help police and administration to make India crime free.  our society will be totally charitable purposes to promote social, economical,culture and education interests.  It will provide medical facilities,  legal aid to the poor victims. The society will function and undertake cases all over India Provide. To prevent crime against society. To take speedy action. The donations and new joining fund will be utilized for the causes and purpose s of the Society. The assets of the Society will be for the better management of All India Crime Prevention society Chandigarh. The National Governor & Chief Executive who is in the chain from the Founder of the Society will appoint or elect  Board of Governor, Sub-Committee, commission, trust and other Agencies for better running of the Administration of the Society.
AS per the rules of District Committee full & final approval, Then head office sending the society about information letter DGP, IGP, SSP DC, & Administration and copy of your District committee  office. Please send the all addresses.district committee his own choice inform the society letters. District Committee follow the aicps rules more information after joining sending to you.

Dear District Committee leaders you are interested for the mega hunger Religion project of donating breakfast to velankkanide votees who are we are going to provide food and Wales this is sposured by over District Committee members & his family members
Note: And further all the new  developments and growth of work taking place in your area should be send to the District office  for their knowledge also.
Use following steps to help to generate ears.
>>) Organize free medical Camps. Awareness Camps. And other Activities related to social awareness programs as  per the guidelines and institutions from the head office
>>)Funds will be diverted to District Committee through Head Office by proper channel and procedures.
>>)Regularly encourage your members to recruit new members to recruit new members throughout the year. 
>>)Challenge your District Committee members to meet  a specific membership goal. Keep the momentum and fun going by reporting  your success during meeting or the District Committee `s new slitter
>>)Encourage yogdan members to invite a friend to District Committees meeting to learn more about Aicps and the services they provide.
>>)  Encourage members to invite friends. Families and prospects to help out during  committee ‘s service activities or fundraising to get a first hand hand look at district committee in action

>>)  Consider reaching out to new demographic group by sponsoring an AREA COMMITTEE for each Members with in their  area consisting of seven governing members for each Area Committee.
>>)  District Committee  has the special financial rights to receive  contribution  from yogdan and life members for deposit the amount your District Committee account. This amount would be utilizing for the operations of Committees and other social activities projects.
>>)  This induction program of yogdan and members is planned for the financial and economic growth of the District and area committee as well.All audit reports will be handled by the head office it self. All contributors should only be taken by cheque /DD in favor high dignitary district committee in the Head Office Account.
>>)  And also of local police and  Administration. If district and Area committee come to know about any crime or illegality in the system. Please do intimate the Head Office Chandigarh afterwards it would be the responsibility of head office to take any action through proper channel. Please take complaints in written from the complainant and complaint should be verified by the District and Area Committee.
  This is recommended that all yogdan life long members must and should obey these rules and regulations for the smooth and efficient working, and if any member of the committee is found involved in any illegal actions and interfering in the Working of Police and local administration without the consent and approval HO,we would not be responsible for such conducts and appropriate actions would be taken by head office. After full& Final approved then follow our rules under working.  regards……..www.aicps.org




Each Post Joining Fee Rs.-6000/- Only

High Dignitary Area Committee 7 posts Office fulfill form after received to the Head Office Chandigarh, Head Office After Approved your office then Sending Post I-Card within a 15 days by Registered post to the High Dignitary Area Committee President Address.


High Dignitary Area Committee 7 (Ten) post to be appointed by the Head Office Chandigarh, JOINING FORMS DOWNLOAD

1. Area Committee President
2. Area Committee Vice President
3. Area Committee Chairman
4. Area Committee Organizing Secretary
5. Area Committee Finance Secretary
6. Area Committee Treasurer
7. Area Committee P.R.O.

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