Aicps District Committee Valsad

District Committee Valsad-Vapi (Gujarat)







1.) The Governor will information with the society. District Committee Office start the function Governor will take the 8 body member along with their District Committee each post under 2/2 new family members joining by the District Committee Members. along with to Family District Members with Photographs total 27 District Committee Family Members. Along with subscriptions collected by the Governor and the Governor will send the all collected money in the shape of subscriptions to the Head Office, The Head Office will transferred the 50% of the Collected amount in the account of Governor (District Committee Family Members) through cheque.
2.) The District Committee Family Members of 27 persons will be governed by the District Committee Governor and all the 27 persons will be supreme person of the Society/Locality/City.
3.) The Governor will call the all 8 Members of the body as per their designation and the Governor will pass the Resolution along with the help of 8 other body Members for the progress and performers of the Society. Governor will arrange the prominent place of the city (like, famous hotel, famous club, famous marriage palace) for the meeting of his choice and the governor will decide with the consent of 8 body members the shape of the invitation card with purpose and place of meeting with the name of Chief Guest and date of meeting exactly under the Banner. this card must be printed before the one month by the Governor and the Governor is authorized to distribute the cards under his own signature, In case the Society feels and controversy in that condition the senior most District Committee body member in authorized to do the above said work and can put the signature.
4.) That at the time of meeting in the hall if any District Committee Body Members has have any office family members or guest or any friend or any closed relatives who is not a members came there to attend the meeting in that condition the District committee family members will pay the as per the situation or the members can offered him the membership. In other words the family members will be charged each guest/relation and the said guest will be mention in the card at the sport. The governor has of his choice to invite any Chief Guest like, MLA, MP, SSP, SP or any prominent persons of his locality/ City. It’s also required the photographs of the 9 persons (like I Governor along with 8 body members) on the Banner.
5.) All the 9 Body Members (Governor along with 8 body members) will sit along with the Chief Guest.
6.) That all the 27 newly family members along with their family will sit in front row chairs.
7.) That the 2 beautiful well educated hired attendants will served the rose to each persons whose name will be called in the meeting and she will walk with the family members up to the Chief Guest and the second lady will offer the rose and suggest the place how am where the family member in front of the Chief Guest, the Rose with served to the 27 new family members.
8.) The Stage Secretary will address to the Meeting and will introduce to the chief guest to all newly elected 27 new joining family district members. Regarding the working of a charitable society organized under the name and style of All India Crime Prevention Society.
9.) The Prominent family district committee members will address and introduce to the all members present in the hall.

If any AICPS I-Card holder under Validity I-Card you are attend any Administration and any criminal activity looking for you. Then you cover the mobile recording and send to the Head Office Chandigarh. If you are any Administration refuse your AICPS I-Card then you written complaint send to the Head Office Chandigarh. Head Office immediately taking the action under by law our legal department. Head Office immediately taking the action under by law our legal department. Only help police to fight the terrorism and save the country from crime and terrorism. Make India Crime Free


District Committee paying subscription:-

District Committee Each Post Members and under Mojority Members paying subscription fee Rs.-1 per day under i-card validity For Charitable Purpose Every Month Rs.-30/- Deposit slip Compulsory Required by Post, E-Mail, Whatsapp no.-9814081141. **Attach a DD/Cheque/Online Cash Dep. Slip, RTGS/ NEFT/ favoring of “All India Crime Prevention Society, CHD”A/C NO.-3252000100080645, IFSE CODE:-PUNB0325200, Head Office expenses your any correspondence supporting, Come Forward for Donation and contributors to Help Us to Help Other Volunteers Required For Charitable Purpose.

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