New Branch Office Rules


The  Ministry  of  home  Affairs, Govt.  Of  India   Vide  its    GO No. 90/50/police, April 26, 1950 and  36/32/56 police Dec.10,1958  has directed the states to Utilise  the  services of “All India Crime Prevention Society in every manner’ s

First organized  by its founder late sh. Gurmukh Singh in 1946, Re-Registration of Avtar Singh Matharoo S/O sh. S. Gurmukh Singh  meet Deputy Commissioner Chandigarh Since All India Crime Prevention Society has been re-registered at Chandigarh following the non availability of the old record at Lucknow or at New Delhi (Registration certificate attached).

Branch Office Mohalla/ Sector/Area /Town / Village All Over India                         

Head Office Under Consists of 7 Members.  Head Office can be formed/constituted by the Head office under Each Post.

If you are opening New Branch Office 7 post form with Affidavit Download Forms

1.  Branch President Form

2.  Branch Manager Form

3.  Branch Secretary Form

4.  Branch Organizing Secretary Form

5.  Branch Treasurer Form

6.  Branch Propaganda Secretary Form

7.  Branch Public Relations Officer Form

After Approval Branch office under new joining membership Fee Rs.-2000/-Only, Each New Joining 50% Refundable on Branch office Bank Account.For Noble Cause Purpose

Allotment of Branch Office

Branch Office will be allotted to the deserving and hard working members through head office Chandigarh.

 Opening of bank accounts

Head Office will open a bank account with a local bank in the area of Branch Office. If you are interested then procure joint bank account opening form for a local branch of any bank.

Authorized Bank Signatory shall be (1) Branch Office President & (2) Branch Office Secretary  and send the Bank Details to the Head Office.

 New members

After opening the bank account, in case of any new life yogdan members joining under the Branch Office, its particulars shall be sent through e-mail to head office.

The fee deposited in head office account as under


a)Punjab National Bank A/C NO.-3252000100080645,RTGS/NEFT/IFSE CODE:-PUNB0325200,      OR

b)Union Bank of India Bank Account No.-556902010000297, IFSE CODE:-UBIN0555690,

Attach a D.D./Cheque and Online Cash Deposit Slip.

 Privileges & operation of Branch Office

Branch Office bodies allows to your own friends and relative person stamped I-card against life membership. Number for any life member forms Rs.-10 000/- Only. The head office shall pay on  20% welfare fund by cheque to the AICPS Branch Office bank account.

 If you want to collect donation then ask for the authorization through mail. Head Office will authorize donation book the Branch Office to raise and collect the donation for the social work society listed as mentioned in the AICPS website,

After approval of Branch Office Governing body, the information letters are issued to Director General of Police, Director General of Human Rights, Deputy Commissioner,, Senior Superintendent of Police, Superintendent of Police , Police Station (S.H.O.) of you area.

  Branch Office Social Project with AICPS Click Here

 Branch Office Rules but the Head Office Haven’t received any report of Social Project with AICPS 

  1. People Police Relationship Seminar
  2. Plus Polio
  3. Tree Plantation
  4. Child Education
  5. Help Police
  6. Blood Donation Camps
  7. Mega Medical Camp

Branch Office to be appointed by the Head Office Social Project with AICPS Which District undertake after approval activity Report in the Absence to will be are enable to sent the appointment letter after receiving Branch Office activities report with the list of joined members and life member  photographs and singed photographs Head Office will be able to send the appointment letter to police high dignitaries in Branch Office wise if received all the activities report the Head Office will automatically increase the validity of the I-Card of Branch Office 7 (Seven)members as per post free of cost.

Branch Office quarterly Report District Wise

The Branch Office has to submit quarterly report to the Head Office at along with documentary proof with the Photograph of their function project Social work Medical Camp etc undertaken in the relevant quarter by the Branch Office on receipt of report Head Office Chandigarh.

Branch Office Collect Donation through high dignitaries members

Branch Office all over India can collect donation from the public and members for public benefit utilize the donation so collected to permute the aim & object of the Society. That the Bank account can be opened in your Area.

Branch Office Not Force

That any person want to become members of the Society may join on his own wish, without any force or coercion from anybody.

Branch Office Power

Branch Office Consist of 7 members it is formed/ consisted with the approval of Governing Body with must joining supporting team High Dignitaries Life Members  for Board Meeting Expenses all Branch Office Meeting Dinner and etc, item Distribute Collection each life members decided the meter approval the Board expenses under meeting consider including annual subscription Metter decided to Board Meeting.

Identity Prospective High Dignitary’s Members

Potential High Dignitaries Members are everywhere, New High Dignitaries Members can include friend, relative, Neighbors, Co-works, Community Leaders School, Staff, of Facility High Dignitaries Members at Local School or Collage Professional Parson, or People your AICPS High Dignitaries Members Know from their Churches, Hobbies or other Branch Office, who are looking for networking and leadership expenses?

you may also want to collaborate with existing group, such as local community and civic organizing . These High Dignitaries members are ideal candidates, since they are already familiar with you AICPS Branch Office involvement  with you local youth activities provides additional opportunities to interact with parents, youth leaders and other adults interested in community services.

Finally, provide support to the graduating lose in your Community who desire to continue  their service as AICPS. They are ideal Candidates for campus AICPS District Committee, New Century AICPS Branch Office . Traditional AICPS Branch Office or Branches.

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