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Society has organised Diamond Jubilee where prominent persons like M.P.’s , retired Judges, Inspector General of Police and other Senior Bureaucrats acknowledged the celebrations and addressed the audience on People-Police relationship,besides appreciating the social work being under taken by the AICPS CHD. Society has received good wishes, messages from President of India, Ministry of Home Affairs, Governors, and Director General of Police of various States etc.




Mr. K. R. Narayanan Mr. L.K. Advani
B.K.N. Chhibber A.S. Bhatotia

B.K.N. Chhibber
(Governor of Punjab)

A.S. Bhatotia
(Director General of Police, Haryana)
S.Parkash S. Badal S.Sarabjit Singh I.P.S.

S.Parkash S. Badal
(Chief Minister of Punjab)

S.Sarabjit Singh I.P.S.
(Director General of Police,Punjab)2nd letter

Sh.Prem Kumar Dhumal S.Jasbir S. Ahluwalia

Sh.Prem Kumar Dhumal
(Chief Minister Himachal Pradesh)

S.Jasbir S. Ahluwalia
(Vice-Chancellor Punjabi University)

Raja Narinder Singh Sh. Satya Pal Jain

Raja Narinder Singh
(Public Health & Civil Aviation Punjab, Chandigarh)

Sh. Satya Pal Jain
(Member of Parliament)

Sh.Balram Ji Dass Tandon S. Sewa Singh Sekhwan

Sh.Balram Ji Dass Tandon
(Local Govt. and Labour & Employment Minister, Punjab Chandigarh)

S. Sewa Singh Sekhon
(State Minister, Information & Public Relations and Revenue & Rehabilitation, Punjab, Chandigarh)

Not available

Sh.A.P. Bhatnagar

(Add. Director General of Police Punjab Human Rights Commission, Chandigarh)

Dr.Kiran Bedi

(Joint Commissioner of Police, {Police Training College, Delhi Police Jharoda, New Delhi

S.M.S. Bitta K.L.Gupta

S.M.S. Bitta
(Chairman, AIATF)(Ex-President India Youth Congress)(Ex-Cabinet Minister Punjab)


Mr.K.L. Gupta I.P.S.
(Director General of Police Utter Pradesh, Lucknow)

Mr.Pawan Kumar Bansal Mr.K.L. Likhi, IPS

Mr.Pawan Kumar Bansal
(Member of Parliament, Congress)

Mr.K.L. Likhi, IPS
(Inspector General of Police, Commando, Punjab)


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