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Aicps All Life Yogdan Member New Rules Dated:-4-6-2019

 I-Card Back Side

If you’re  I-card missing/damage or Renewal, issue same (old ) your I-Card Making Charges Rs-1000/-only amount in the DD/ Cheque / NEFT / RTGS, Online Deposit, The Name Of  All India Crime Prevention Society Chd. Punjab National Bank Saving Account No:-3252000100080645,  IFSC Code:-PUNB0325200.

If you are a life yogdan member with us then you can cross check your photo and your i-card number.

(If you agree to the term and condition above then you can apply through, (Yes I am agree to the term and condition,then i can apply Under Head office new joining,  Bank Name  …………………. Account Number…………………… Head Office after received  your by mail then approved as per the rule. New  Back Side I-Card issue for only approval members under supporting Head Office.

If you agree to the term and condition then you some more new joining then Head Office issue your new i-card free of cost with your welfare fund cheque.

By making 10 new life yogdan members, you get 50% from Head office (Rs.-30,000/-) Form Download

by making 10 new field executive members, you get 50% from Head Office Rs.-20,000/- only) Form Download

by making 10 new Yogdan members, you get 50% from Head Office issue  Rs.-10,000/- only) Form Download

for welfare fund by cheque in your bank account with roll of honor certificate. This amount you use for poor victims in the society).

AICPS I/Card is valid all over India, if any administration refuse to accept your AICPS i-Card, then send a written complain  to the Head Office Chandigarh and then our legal department will take action and support you.

All I-card will be issue with Golden Hologram from the Head Office Chandigarh Under the signature of Mr. Avtar Singh (National Governor & Chief Executive Board of Governors) ALL INDIA CRIME PREVENTION SOCIETY CHD. No one has any authority to prepare and issue i-card.
OUR MISSION:-Come Forward for (Donation) Fee Life Yogdan Member and contributors to Help Us to Help other-“VOLUNTEERS REQUIRED”
We Hearty Congratulate you as yogdan member on your sincere and noble eforts for  making India best country in the world.


Make India Crime Free & Possible to Challange





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