Director General of Police

Police Head Quarter All Over India.

Dear Sir,

                I Avtar Singh Matharoo, President & Chief Executive Board of Governor, do hereby introduce the aim and objectives to your good self. The structure of aims and objectives are as under.

1.) The above society had been established in the year 1946 by honorable Late sh. Gurmukh Singh my father who was the founder of All India Crime Prevention Society. It had been worked before patrician and is carrying on now. The Contribution of the society remained in helping the prevention of crime. The Ministry of Home Affairs, Govt. of India has directed to its receptive State vide G.O. No, 90/50/Police, date April 26, 1950 and No. 36/32/56/ police Date Dec. 10th, 1958, to “utilize the service of the all India Crime Prevention Society in every possible manner.” The Head Office of the Society has been registered at Chandigarh.

2.) The main aims and objectives of the Society is to make the public aware about their duties towards Nation/State and helping to the police during investigation in the criminal cases and to come forward to bring the criminal in light of the police. Moreover the public will be aware regarding the people and police relation and will also make vigilant to fight against any type of crime and corruption.

                The body of the Society is as thus:-

  1. President & Chief Executive of India & Abroad.
  2. Chairman
  3. Executive President (Legal Cell)
  4. Executive President
  5. General Secretary.

3.) The Society has its legal experts to get the effected person understand in connection with their rights and duties. The Experts take up the cases with Administration and police regarding of the victims.

4.)The Society has opened its number of Branches throughout the Country and Abroad also to prevent the crime and achieve the goal of the Society and has been organizing the Seminars on public relationship. Meetings , Public Drabars to make the people aware about the fundamental rights which are ment for them towards the nation and how to maintain the congenial relations between the public and law-enforcing agencies to make the Nation crime free.

5.) The Society enroll the members who are desirous to provide voluntary services to the Society in pursuing its aims and objectives and to be remain vigilant in their respective areas so that they could prove their self to be helpful for maintaining good public police relationship.

                It is therefore that your kind attention is invite to sought your prior permition and verification of the members of different Branches opened and are to be opened within your jurisdiction for which we shall inform your good officers properly.

Thanking you.

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