The aims and objectives of the Society are to spread awareness among the masses by forming District Committees at the District Level of the various States of India to assist the local Police and local Administration at the District Level to make India crime free.

  • Society will be totally charitable and will devote to all charitable purposes to promote social, economic, cultural and educational interests. It will provide medical facilities, legal guidance to the poor victims.

  • Spreading Awareness about Prevention of Crime against Society.

  • Pursuing positively the concerned local agency to take speedier action.

  • Guiding and Helping in resolving disputes related to property amicably.

  • Spreading Awareness about Prevention of crime against women.

  • Guiding and Helping in resolving disputes related to matrimony of N.R.I in India & Abroad .

  • The Society shall promote the cause of National Integration.

  • The Society shall establish branches and offices in India and Abroad to facilitate the network of the Society for the public awareness.

  • The funds, donation, loans shall be for the positive causes of the General Public.

  • No member of the Governing Body of the society shall be appointed as a salaried officer of the society or any offices of the society paid by fees, that no remuneration shall be given by the society to any member of such governing body except repayment of out of pocket expenses and interest on money lent or rent for premises/demised to the society.

  • The society by its constitution is required to apply its priorities, if any or other income in promoting its objectives.

  • If upon the winding up or dissolution of the society, any funds remain with the society (after satisfactorily clearing of all its debts and liabilities) the same shall not be paid to or distributed amongst the member of the society, but shall be given or transferred to some other institution having objectives similar to that of society, at or before the time of dissolution.

  • The society can arrange medical camps, legal awareness etc. for the benefit of general public and all the members of the society.

  • The society shall try to resolve the disputes between the parties amicably.

  • The society can do such acts that are beneficial for the general public and it’s members.

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