All India Crime Prevention Society


All India Crime Prevention Society-1946

Before partition Pr-independence period 1946, All India Crime Prevention Society came into existence and was first organized. Its founder members were Late S. Gurmukh Singh Click here and his associate Late Sh. Sampurnanand and Dr. Paripurnanand, younger brother of Chief Minister Utter Pradesh, pioneer of open prison system in India, Sh. Shiv Mangal Singh Kapoor MLA associate of Pt. Govind Valabh Pant, former home Minister, Government of India and his son Sh. B. S. Kapoor in a team were directly involved in the society. The above personalities run the office of All India Crime Prevention Society Regd, No.-63/1950-51. Mr. Paripurnanand Verma and his team were directly involved in this society and their All India Office was 1/5, Gokhle Marg, Lacknow 4-226001,The said Society was running smoothly for the 12 years up till the death of Dr. Paripuranand and there after his death the society was almost vanished.

After nearly five decades of its existence is undergoing a radical transformation, it is indented to be a single society which propose to strengthen qualitatively as also quantify the basic norms of social and human behavior.

This non-profitable society was basically the conception and dream. Of many patriotic person ducting the per-independence period (1946). All India Crime Prevention Society came into existence and was first registered in Lucknow vide registration number 63/1950_51.

The Ministry of home Affairs, Govt.Of India Vide its GO No. 90/50/police, April 26, 1950 and 36/32/56 police Dec.10, 1958 has directed the states to utilize the services of “All India Crime Prevention Society in every manner’s

Mr. Avtar Singh then started searching the society details. He found that Mr. Nigam was running the Society at G1 Anand Niketan Mr-Nigam made Mr. Avtar Singh as the Branch President Chandigarh. Then he was promoted as the President of Northern Region.

Mr. Avtar Singh, who is the son of Late sh. Gurmukh Singh, the founder member of the Al India Crime Prevention Society was surprised and started investigating the wom out documents relating to the Society, He suddenly saw his father’s old document relating to the above named society, which were Approved by the Govt. of India. He also produced this record to the Deputy Commissioner Chandigarh administration who authenticated these documents (Deputy Commissioner Mr. Khandelwal’s testimony attached).

First organized by its founder Late Sh. Gurmukh Singh (Ex-Royal Air Force before partition founder of the AICPS 1946 at Karachi and Lahore) in 1946. Avtar Singh Matharoo S/O Late Sh. Gurmukh Singh Regd. Society Same Name AICPS CHD. (Act. XXI of 1957) No.-2815 of 1998,

Received the Letter of Deputy Commissioner Chandigarh Same Name AICPS Registered  Board of Advisory Committee pass the regulation & issue Letter The chandigarh news lines & The Tribune

Hon’ble Justic H.S.Brar (Executive Chairman), Punjab Legal Service Authority Chandigarh,  and  All Chandigarh Police Administration issue the Letter.


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