Vigilance Committee of Local Unit AICPS Chd.


Most Cordially invites you to attend a national level

Seminar on

The Public-Police Relationship:

Possibilities & Challenges


Saturday the 30th October 1999

at 11 am

as per programme

shri. Pawan Kumar Bansal M.P.

Will be the guest of honour


Shri. B.S. danewalia I.P.S. (Retd.)

Former I.G.P. (Jt. Punjab)

Will Present

the keynote addresses

AICPS CHD Acknowledges Gratefully the kind massages.

Good Wishes from the following  dignitaries:Received all letters with photo

Government Wishes Click Here


Avtar Singh Matharoo

President & Chief Executive

(AICPS Board of Governor)

Shri. K.S.Minhas I.A.S.(Retd.)

Chairman Advisory Board,

Advisory Committee

1.  Jayanti Lal                                                       (Executive President)

2.   J.S.Kalra (V.S.M. Air Commander)     (Executive President)

3.  Navjit Singh Brar. Advocate                     (Executive President)

4.   J. Kausal Former Prof./Director Correspondence  Education   (Executive President)

5.   Rishi Pal Singh,                                              (General Secretary)

6.  Rattan Chand Sharma(Vicky)                    (Executive President)


11:00 am                                                                   Arrival of the Chief Guest

11:30 am                                                                    Lighting of lamp

11:35 am                                                                      Inaugural address by Sh. B.S. Danewalia I.P.S.                                                                                                       Former I.G.P. (Joint Punjab)

12:05 am                                                                      Keynote Address by Former Professor/ Director                                                                                                     Correspondence Education Joginder Kausal

Our Distinguished Participants

Sh. Harmohan Dhawan, Former Civil Aviation minister of India

Sh. Satya Pal Jain, Former M.P. &Senior Advocate

Sh. B.B. Mahajan I.A.S. (Retd), Ex-Secretary Agriculture Govt. of India

Sh. S. Likhi I.P.S. (Retd)

Tara Singh Cheema, Member Punjab Human Right Commission

Keval krishan Adiwal mayor Municipal Corporation

Miss. Ranjana Sahi, Counsellor & Spokesperson B.J.P.

Sh. Devinder Babla, Prominent Congress Leader

Sh. M.R. Dhiman President B.J.P.

Sh. Sarabjit Pandher Senior Press Correspondence  

Vigilance Committee of Local Unit AICPS Chd.

All India Crime Prevention Society Chd Head Office

Vigilance Panel:The Following Have Been Elected members of the vigilance committee of local unit of the All India Crime Prevention Society Chd.

Avtar Singh Matharoo (National President & Chief Executive Board of Governing Body);

Senior Vice President—Mr. G. C.Suman (C.J.M. Retd),

Vice President—Mr. G.S.Bedi (P.C.S.Retd)

Mr. S.H.S. Virk (IPS Retd.),

Sh. K.S.Minhas (IAS Retd.)

J.S.Kalra (V.S.M Air Commanding Officer),

Gurcharan Singh Rein (Chief Manager Punjab & Sind Bank)


Resolution  Passed

Meeting of the executive body of All India Crime Prevention Society Chd was  held under the president ship of Sh. Avtar Singh Matharoo in Aroma Hotel at 8 P.M. and the committee decided by majority that the copy of the formation of the executive body and their names with their address and phone be sent to the authorities i.a. officials of the police department, official of the Chandigarh Administration along with the relevant of the society far their information.
NEW red light metter

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