AICPS CHD Thanks District/Area committee

AICPS CHD, express thanks for District / Area committees who have done commendful job . We appericiate your social work in various fields and arrangements of mediacal and blood camps all over India. We will forward letters to the different police officers and ministry of the state after viewing the work done by District/Area Committee. All committees should send their work profile , pictures of their work,newspaper cuttings etc. so we can upload them on the site to highlight your work activities.

Head office already sent the information letter to Police and local administration for people police relationship to make India crime free.

  1. Ministry of Human Rights of state and district
  2. Director General of Police
  3. Inspector General of Police
  4. District Senior Superidendent of Police
  5. District Supridendent of Police
  6. District Commissioner
  7. Copy is sent to AICPS CHD District Area Committee all over India

Help police to make India Crime and Terrorism free.

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