What is AICPS ?

Lt. S. Gurmukh Singh (Freedom Fighter)
(1912 – 1998)

(Ex-Royal Air Force before partition founder of the AICPS 1946 at Karachi and Lahore)


Before partition Pre-independence period 1946, All India Crime Prevention Society came into existence and was first organized. Its founder members were Late S.Gurmukh Singh and his associate Late Sh.Sampurnanand and Dr.Paripurnanand, younger brother of Chief Minister Utter Pradesh, pionneer of open prison system in India, Sh.Shiv Mangal Singh Kapoor MLA associate of Pt. Govind Valabh Pant, former home Minister, Government of India and his son Sh.B.S.Kapoor in a team were directly involved in the society. The above personalities run the office of All India Crime Prevention Society Regd,No.-63/1950-51. The said Society was running smoothly for the 12 years up till the death of Dr.Paripuranand and there after his death the society was almost vanished .

The  Ministry  of  home  Affairs, Govt.  Of  India   Vide  its    GO No. 90/50/police, April 26, 1950 and  36/32/56 police Dec.10,1958  has directed the states to Utilise  the  services of “All India Crime Prevention Society in every manner’ s

To know complete history of AICPS and its founder before the partician Late S. Gurmukh Singh Matharoo   click here



Sh. Avtar Singh  S/O Late Sh.Gurmukh Singh

National President &  Chief Executive Board of Governor

(Regd. No.2815 of 1998)

Sh. Avtar Singh , National and Chief Executive, All India Crime Prevention Society Chandigarh who is son of the Founder late Sh. Gurmukh Singh start searching the where about of the Society, Sh. Avtar Singh and the relevant documents relation to the All India Crime Prevention Society were got traced. With the Help of These Papers Sh. Avtar Singh got Re-Registered, All India Crime Prevention Society at Chandigarh vide registration No.-2815/1998(XXI-1860 Act 1957). There upon he Started running the society with its Head Office at City Beautiful Chandigarh.

All India Crime Prevention Society Our Mission: To Make India Crime Free with better People Police Relationship and Social Projects click here:-

पुलिस और समाज

क्या  आप  कभी थाने में गये हैं I आप कहेंगे होश की दवाकर मियां भगवान ना करे कि थाने का मुँह देखना या तोआप भुक्त भोगी होंगे I या भयावना नाम सुन कर आपचौंक गए होंगे I आखिर ऐसा क्यों ? पुलिस वाले भीह मारी तरह आदमी हैं उनका  भी परिवार है उनके भी बाल -बच्चे हैं उनकी भी नौकरी है हाँ यह उनकी विडंबना है कि वह समाज मैं घुल मिल नहीं पाते, उनकी सेवाओं की कोई कीमत नहीं I पता नहीं की घर आ पाएंगे या नहीं , दस घण्टे की ड्यूटी हो या 24 घण्टे की सारा दिन अदालत से लेकर समाज के विभिन्न वर्गों से मुलाकात उनकी समस्यों का निपटारा कागजी खानापूर्ति इन सबसे बेहाल परेशान काम का बोझ इसके बावजूद समाजिक तिरस्कार को सहन करती हमारे देश की पुलिस, पुलिस का नाम लेते ही आम आदमी परेशान हो जाता है मेरे साथ क्या बीतेगी I थाने मैं जाकर पीटा जाऊंगा, गालियाँ भी सुननी पड़ेगी यह हमारे समाज का नजरिया है कुछ हद तक यह बात सही भी है और नहीं भी पुलिस के विभिन्न विभाग भ्रष्टाचार मिटाने हेतु बने हैं उनका कार्य  ही पुलिस को अनुशासन  में रखना है I आप उच्च अधिकारियों से सम्पर्क कीजिये उनसे जाकर मिलिए, अपनी समस्या से उन्हें अवगत कराईये पुलिस को अपना हमदर्द समझिए और बेधड़क होकर थाने  जाइये I अगर आप एक अपराध छुपाते हैं तो आप समाज से नाइन्साफी कर रहे हैंI


District Committee Kolkata Activities

It’s the last day of the Crime Prevention Month that the state police department has been observing. The department is planning to introduce a public-police initiative to help reduce crime rate. Assisting the police in this regard is the All India Crime Prevention Society, an NGO that has taken the initiative to spread awareness on crime prevention across each locality of the state. Governor of the All India Crime Prevention Society, Srikanth Subramanyam had a têtê-à-têtê with Shwetha Son the NGO’s future course of action. When and why was the All India Crime Prevention Society set up? This non-governmental organisation was set up in 1956 in northern India where people were anxious to approach the police with their problems. The organization was set up to bridge the gap between the public and police and enable better communication. We set up the Bangalore wing a year ago, and are in the process of identifying members and volunteers. What is your primary motive? The organization’s aim is to enable a friendly interaction between the police and the common man. Hence, if any person is not comfortable in approaching the police directly, but wishes to pass on any information, he/she can convey it through us. We are involved in making people more aware about crime prevention. If the public take extra measures to keep their neighbor hoods safe, the crime rate will come down. How do you go about bridging the gap between police and public? We have already started associating with several residents’ welfare associations in the city. All through the Crime Prevention Month, we conducted various activities at the police stations. We will also begin conducting seminars in each locality, with help from the local police, to spread awareness about crime prevention. We will also help residents identify the dangers they are vulnerable to and indicate the do sand don’ts. We will soon conduct a seminar at HRBR Layout. There has been arise in murders of and an attack against lonely women and senior citizens.The awareness mantra is the only way to reach out to the masses and make them more cautious. It is the duty of the local police officer to intensify patrolling arounda house whose the residents are not in town, or around houses of senior citizens. However, the onus lies on the public to inform the police and request for extra patrolling. We will talk on such issues during the seminars. Do you have any specific target audience during your seminars? Yes, our drive will be more intense with people living in slums, as most youth residing in these areas are more prone to get dragged into anti-social activities.0 Comments Popular South Africa v/s Sri Lanka: Lankan openers survive first hour of long vigil to save Test Uniform Common code part of govt’s political agenda: Oppn tells Law Commission Turkey detains prominent journalist over tweets: report Manchester City’s Guardiola attends Liverpool game against Stoke, Klopp takes jibe Also Read Bangalore Bengaluru leopard scare: 130 schools remain shut Bangalore Bengaluru techie murder: Accused Sukhbir Singh hid marital status from victim Bangalore Bengaluru: BBMP launches app for civic complaints Bangalore Bengaluru’s lakes turn into sewage pools Bangalore Bengaluru: Infosys to soon have bakery products made by prison inmates Bangalore Stop using actors as political pawns: Priyanka Chopra Live Cricket ScoreLiveAUS465/6(113.5)PAK443/9(126.3)LiveSL49/0(22.5),205/10(64.5)SA406/6(90.5),286/10(98.5)RelatedBengaluru: Rain and cold weather to persist for next 24 hours, cricket fans disappointed

Home All India Crime Prevention Society Bangalore Combating crime by networking with citizens it’s the last day of the Crime Prevention Month that the state police department has been observing. Thursday, 31 December 2009


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The Aim & Object of the Society at all over India and Abroad.


AICPS is totally charitable to promote socially economic culture and education interests; It provides medical facility, legal aid to poor victims. The society functions and undertake cases to help Police and administration to make India crime free, All over India Provide

अगर आप हमारी संस्था के साथ जुड़ कर office खोलते

हैं AICPS के वैनर तले ये कार्य सेवा भावना से करते हैं

तो आप सहकारी हस्पताल के बाहर सेवा भीकर सकते हैं तथा मुफ्त में
खाना भी खिला स्काई है AICPS के साथ जुड़ने के बाद गरीब लोगों
की मुफ्त सेवा करें ऐसा करने से लोगों में AICPS के प्रतिप्रेम भावना बढ़ेगी हिंदुस्तान में
AICPS के तमाम office को हिदायत दी जाती हैँ कि आप  मुख्यकार्यलय चण्डीगढ़ (Head Office Chandigarh ) से अपना तालमेल बना के रखें तथा मुख्यकार्यलय चण्डीगढ़ (Head Office Chandigarh ) अपने सभी District/Area Committee तथा Branch  Offices  को हिदायत  हिदायत दी जाती है की आप अपने Identity Card की Renewal  Date का ध्यान रखें तथा उसकी  अवधि खत्म होने से पहले उसको Renew करवा लें Head Office के इन कार्यों को करने के लिए Come forward for Donation and contributors to help us help others –



Head Office Chandigarh से आप पब्लिक की सेवा   अनुमति प्राप्त कर सकते हैं आप जो

भी कार्य करेंगे उनको AICPS के वैनर तले फोटो  खीचकरBy E -Mail Aicps Head Office Chandigarh जरूर भजें  मुख्यकार्यलय चण्डीगढ़ (Head Office Chandigarh ) की ओरसे  District/Area Committee तथा Branch Offices  को हिदायत दी जाती है कि पब्लिक फण्ड लेने के लिए नियम के अनुसार मुख्यकार्यलय चण्डीगढ़ से स्वीकृति (permission ) प्राप्त  करें  मुख्यकार्यलय चण्डीगढ़ से स्वीकृति (permission ) मिलने के बाद आप  charitable , donation  लेने के लिए donation Slip book प्राप्त कर सकते हैं  तथा जो Public सेवा भावना से  AICPS को फण्ड (Fund )देने की मदद करना  चाहते हैं तोAICPS District/Area Committee तथा Branch Offices donation Slip book के जरिये Funds ले सकेंगे अगर किसी से भी आप Funds लेते हैं तो *Attach  a  Cheque /D.D. &Favoring  “All India Crime Prevention Society” Chd, Punjab National Bank Account Number :-3252000100080645 and Union Bank of India Account Number:-556902010000297 . तथा District/Area Committee तथा Branch Offices के आपके अपने एरिया में Bank Account खोले जाएंगे  ताकि Funding के लिए आपको आसानी रहे I जो कि  Name  of AICPS District Committee /AICPS Area Committee तथा AICPS Branch Office  के नाम से खोलेजाएंगे मुख्यकार्यलय चण्डीगढ़ से donation Slip book तभी जारी (Issue )की जाएगी जबकि आपका आपके एरिया मैं AICPS के नाम  से bank account  खुल जायेगा


Ordinary members are not permitted to collect donations from General Public. Only District Committee, Area Committee and Branches are allowed to collect/receive donations. If members found guilty of receiving/collecting donations from General public, Strict actions will be taken against that member.

All India Crime prevention Society diamond jubilee 50 years seminar

Society has organised Diamond Jubilee where prominent persons like M.P.’s , retired Judges, Inspector General of Police and other Senior Bureaucrats acknowledged the celebrations and addressed the audience on People-Police relationship,besides appreciating the social work being under taken by the AICPS CHD. Society has received good wishes, messages from President of India, Ministry of Home Affairs, Governors, and Director General of Police of various States etc.

Mr. K. R. Narayanan Mr. L.K. Advani

best wishes from the then President of India, Prime Minister, Home Minister , Chief Ministers of Punjab , Haryana and Himachal, Cabinet Ministers , ADGP Pb Human Right Commission , Jt. Commissioner of Police Delhi, IGP (Commandos) Punjab, IGP Bhagalpur.AICPS acknowledges grateful the kind massages/ good wishes from the following dignitaries Government Wishes Click Here

Since 1946 AICPS has served the country and also helped its members to establish majority in their cities/states to form better Police public and administration relation and to carry out various noble missions of our society.

About noble causes supported by AICPS Click here


A.S.MatharuSh. Avtar Singh  S/O Late Sh.Gurmukh SinghNational President & Chief Executive Board of GovernorAll India Crime Prevention Society Chandigarh KULDIPSINGH MINHASSH. Kuldip Singh Minhas S/O Late Sh.S. jagir singh (IAS Retd.)All India Crime Prevention Society Chandigarh, Chairman
G.C.SUMANSH. G. C. SUMAN S/O Late Sh.H.R. Suman (PCSCJM Retd.)All India Crime Prevention Society Chandigarh Senior Vice President J.S. KALRA (AIR COMMONDER)SH. J. S. KALRA S/O Late Sh. Manohar Singh (Air Commodore-Indian air force)All India Crime Prevention Society Chandigarh Senior Vice President
H.S.VIRKSH. H.S. Virk S/O Late Sh. G.S.Virk (I.P.S. Retd.)All India Crime Prevention Society ChandigarhSenior Executive President J.KAUSHALSh. J. KAUSHAL S/O Late Sh. Harsarup (Prof.)(Former Professor /Director Correspondence Education)All India Crime Prevention Society Chandigarh Senior Executive Correspondence President
GIAN CHAND BEDIGIAN CHAND BEDI S/O Late Sh.Kishan Chand (P.C.S. Retd.)All India Crime Prevention Society Chandigarh  Senior Executive









AICPS CHD Seminar on 50 Years

A diamond jubilee seminar was held in 1998 in Chandigarh : Diamond Jubilee pics 

Most Cordially invite you attend a national level

Seminar on

The People-Police Relationship:-Possibilities & Challenges

ON Saturday the

30th October 1999

At Tagore Theatre, Sector-18, Chandigarh

At  11:00 AM

As per programme

Shri Pawan Kumar Bansal (M.P.)

Has kindly consented to preside

Shri Satya Pal Jain Former M.P.

Will be the guest of honour and

Shri. B.S. Danewalia (IPS Retd.)

Former IGP (Jt. Punjab)Will Inaugurate

Intraction will follow the seminar


Sh. Avtar Singh 

National President & Chief Executive Board of Governor

Sh. K.S.Minhas (IAS Retd.)

Chairman Advisory Board

Sh. Navjit Singh Brar (Adv.)

Executive President  


11:00 AM.      Arival of the Chief Guest

11:00 AM.      Lighting of lamp

11:35 AM.       Inaugural Address by Sh. B.S.Dhanewal(I.P.S.

Former I.G.P.) Joint Punjab

12:05 PM.       Keynote address by Prof. Joginder Kaushal 


  • Shri C.S.R. Reddy I.P.S. S.S.P. Chandigarh
  • Shri Tara Singh Cheema , Member Punjab Human Rights Commission
  • Kewal Kishan AdiwalMayor Muncipal Corporation Chandigarh
  • Shri Harmohan Dhawan, Former Civil Aviation Minister of India
  • Shri Satya Pal Jain Former M.P.& Senior Advocate
  • Shri S. Likhi I.P.S. (Retd.)
  • B.B.Mahajan I.A.S.(Retd.)Ex. Secy. Agriculture Govt. Of India
  • Ms. Ranjna Sahi, Councillor Ex. Spokesperson of B.J.P.
  • Shri Devinder Babla, Prominent Congress Leader
  • Shri M.R. Dhiman President B.S.P.
  • Shri Sarabjit Pandher Senior Press Correspondent

  Advisory Committee:-

Sh. J.S.Kalra (VSM Air Commondor)

AICPS Executive President

Sh.Navjit Singh Brar Advocate

AICPS Executive President

Sh. J. Kaushal (Former Professor /Director Correspondence Education)

AICPS Executive President 

Our Distinguished participants

Sh. Harmohan Dhawan, Farmer Civil Aviation Minister of India Sh. Satya Pal Jain, Former M.P. & Senior AdvocateSh. B.B.Mahajan (I.A.S. Retd.), Ex-Secty Agriculture Govt. of IndiaSh. S. Likhi I.P.S. (Retd.)Sh. Tara Singh Cheema , Member Punjab Human Rights CommossionSh. Kewal Kishan Adiwal Mayar Municipal CorporationSh. K.S. Minhas I.A.S. (Retd.)Miss Ranjana Sahi, Counsellor & Spekers Person of B.J.P.Sh. Devinder Babla, Prominent Congress LeaderSh. M.R. Dhiman President B.S.P.Sh. Sarbjit Pandher Senior Press Correspondent

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What is AICPS ?


Lt. S. Gurmukh Singh (Freedom Fighter)
(1912 – 1998)
(Ex-Royal Air Force before partition founder of the
All India Crime Prevention Society

 1946 at Karachi and Lahore)



All India Crime Prevention Society


After nearly five decades of its existence is undergoing a radical transformation, it is intended to be a single society which proposes to strengthen qualitatively as also the norms of social and human behavior.

This non-profitable society was basically the conception and dream. Of many patriotic persons ducting the pre-independence period(1946).All India Crime Prevention Society came into existence and was first registered in Lucknow vide registration number 63/1950-51.

Ministry of Home Affairs Government of India vide its GO number 90/50/police April 26, 1950 and No 36/32/56 Police; dated Dec. 10, 1958 has directed all the state Government to “utilize the services of All India Crime Prevention Society in every possible manner”

Mr. Paripurnanand Verma and his team were directly involved in this society and their All India offices was 1/5, Gokhle Marg, Lacknow-226001. After serving the organization for about 12 years, Mr. Paripurnanand Verma established many branches all over India. But the society faded away after Mr. Verma’s death.

Mr. Avtar Singh then started then started searching the society details. He found that Mr. Nigam was running the society at G-1, Anand Niketan Mr. Nigam made Mr. Avtar Singh as the Branch President Chandigarh, then he was promoted as the President of Northern region.

Mr. Avtar Singh, who is the son of Late Mr. Gurmukh Singh, the founder member of the All India Crime Prevention Society was surprised and started investigation the worn out documents relating to the society. He suddenly was his father’s old document relating to the above named society, which were approved by the Govt. of India. He also produced this record to the deputy Commissioner Chandigarh administration who authenticated these documents (Deputy Commissioner Mr. Khandelwal’s testimony attached dated:-2nd April 1998)

Since All India Crime Prevention Society has been re-registered at Chandigarh following the non availability of the old record at Lacknow or at New Delhi (Registration certificate attached).

It is requested that Deputy Commissioner Chandigarh testimony may kindly be confirmed.















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